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When you’re at a post-work happy hour with coworkers, or another office event that involves alcohol, and you choose not to drink, it can sometimes (sadly enough) get tricky. Readers once had a helpful discussion in the comments about how to fake drinking at work events, and we thought we’d round up their advice today.

Readers, do tell: When you feel it’s necessary, how do you fake drinking at work events?

While some readers said they didn’t really see the need to pretend to drink when coworkers are imbibing, others commented that they’ve had colleagues who continue to urge them to have a drink even after they’ve declined — or try to find out exactly WHY they’re they’re skipping alcohol (what a pain!).

In fact, one commenter shared that some acquaintances closely monitored her after her wedding for signs she might be pregnant (far beyond just skipping alcohol), while another reader commented, “To those questioning whether this is still a thing for full-grown adults? Yes. Very much yes. Especially in the law firm world of Old Boys.” One reader shared, “I’ve personally been asked many times point blank if I’m pregnant because I wasn’t drinking.”

The tips below can help in all sorts of situations — whether you want to avoid alcohol because you’re pregnant (or trying to conceive), or you’re cutting out alcohol to lose weight, or you’re sober / in recovery. Or maybe you simply don’t drink!

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How to Fake Drinking at Work Events

Readers shared a ton of suggestions for mocktails and other options to fake drinking and thwart those curious (read: nosy) coworkers.

As one reader noted. “It’s really all about the glassware. You could also do ginger ale in a champagne flute, cranberry juice in a martini glass with Cosmo garnish, etc.”

Here are some drink possibilities from readers:

Club soda & lime

Club soda & cranberry

Cranberry & lime

Faux Jack & ginger: ginger ale & lime

Faux rum & coke: Coke & lime

Virgin mojito

Virgin Cosmo

Virgin Moscow Mule — no one will know what’s in that copper mug!

Virgin Bellini or virgin mimosa: “Have the bartender switch soft apple cider for the Prosecco, or lemon soda or something if they don’t have apple cider,” one reader suggested.

Virgin Sea Breeze: cranberry & grapefruit

Root beer or ginger beer that has a beer-style bottle/label

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Readers, please share your favorite mocktails — or any other ways to get nosy coworkers off your back so you can enjoy your nonalcoholic drink in peace.

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