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With the long weekend coming up, here’s an easy question for today: what are your favorite travel snacks? Do you bring them for budgetary reasons, food allergy reasons, general devotion to the food, or something else like being mindful of calories, macros, or more?

My Favorite Travel Snacks

My Favorite Travel Snacks to Bring to Hotels

If we’re going on a plane trip/hotel trip, I tend to pack:

Protein bars. These are great breakfast replacements and help me get a bit more protein in than I might otherwise.

Dried cherries. My kids eat these like candy because they’re delicious, and they can “count” as fruit in the broadest way.

Liquid IV. If we’re somewhere like a theme park we might be walking a lot, and it helps to keep us hydrated.

Folger’s coffee singles. Although coffee is usually provided, we have found the odd hotel that doesn’t make it readily available — if worst comes to worst (because these aren’t great!) then we can usually get a cup of hot water for free and then use these. (I wish I liked caffeinated tea!)

(For some hotels/resorts like those at Disney you can order Amazon Fresh for delivery to your hotel — we usually get things like Siggi’s yogurts and drinkable yogurt, as well as Gatorade, milk, and other kid-friendly drinks. For my picky eater we’ll get bread, PB, jam, and cracker/cheese snacks.)

My Favorite Travel Snacks for AirBnB-Type Trips

Teas. We like our specific teas and you never know what you can find in stock at the local store.

Spices. We have some small containers with our most used spices — for me that’s onion powder, garlic powder, Everything but the Bagel seasoning, Trader Joe’s umami seasoning, Trader Joes dill pickle seasoning, and a few others.

Oats. If I’m on an overnight oats kick I might bring dry ingredients for that (and even a small baggie of refrigerated ingredients like chia seeds). If I’m on a savory oats kick I might bring dry ingredients for that. If I’m on a popcorn kick, I’ve also brought dry popcorn kernels (and a silicone microwaveable popper).

Protein powder/powdered peanut butter and Fiber One. This is a weird “me” thing but I do like my greek yogurt, protein powder, and Fiber One combos.

Food I’m ok to throw away before the return trip. Depending on space and how long we’ll be gone, I’ll sometimes throw things like the mostly-empty ketchup or mustard bottles into a cooler, as well as any veggies, yogurts, or other easy-to-eat things that have an expiration date approaching soon.

Readers, how about you — what are your favorite little food-related things to bring with you if you’re traveling? Do you pack snacks differently if you’re staying at a hotel or resort vs an AirBnB or VRBO? Do you pack snacks differently if you’re flying vs driving?

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