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First things first, let us do some housekeeping. If you think that through some cosmic principle, men aren’t allowed to wear jewelry. Well, buddy. You’re wrong! If you think that wearing jewelry somehow undermines the male position. That you would never be caught dead wearing a ring or a pendant. Then I’ve just got one single thing to say to you. It is time to click on my friend because this article is not for you! You see, this article is for those daring adventurers.

Those people that can engage with fashion fearlessly. The people who are willing to experiment. Who is willing to try new things, and then form their opinion afterward. And in this article, there is no room for prejudice. Not from anyone who waits a full season to try a lookout, and especially not from someone whose chauvinistic principles cage them into a box filled with rhetoric and loneliness. No, this article is for people who are looking to shine without judgment! So yes, in short. Men can wear jewelry too, and if you want to hear about some amazing new trends and ways to do so. Then I encourage you to read on!

Stacking Your Chains

Cuban link Chain

When I’m asked about any major trends in jewelry, one immediately comes to mind. Probably the most surprising thing that has happened in fashion in the last decade, is the return of streetwear. Streetwear has become a dominant force in fashion. Introducing a language inspired by the rugged urbanism of America’s cities to the fashion world. Streetwear represents a cultural shift where we’ve seen the reigns of fashion shift from organized takes on formal wear, into a more casual place. Streetwear, ostensibly. Is it something you’d wear on the street (but hey, if you end up wearing it at a black tie gala, I’m not judging!)

A major proponent of streetwear’s return has been the proliferation of chains back into the public’s fashion lexicon. Chains have become the capital A accessory in most fashionable outfits. But here comes the kicker. There’s a specific way to wear your chains that not everyone is knowledgeable about. This method for styling your necklaces is called stacking. Stacking is fairly simple. At its base, it is the styling of multiple chains with different lengths.

The tricky part to this though is creating a stack that has a defined focal point. I call this the anchor. To anchor your stack, you need a longer chain that can act as the main piece to style your other chains around. My advice is to check out something like one of these men’s pendants. These pieces are amazing because they give your stack the length it needs, while also offering a stunning piece in the center to draw the eye. But hey! Maybe chains, aren’t your thing. Maybe you’re looking for something else to stunt with. Well, no worries my friend because next, we’re talking about…


Earrings have always been big for men, but recently they have seemed to explode in popularity. You see, the general trend in men’s fashion right now is for men to dress dramatically. And that dramatic trend is no more prevalent anywhere else but earrings.

If you’ve noticed we’ve gone a long way from the classic men’s single hoop, or diamond stud. Earrings nowadays are much flashier. If you’re looking to up your style and stay current. Getting yourself a dramatic flashy earring is a great way to do that. Now, what do I mean by flashy? Well, something I’ve been seeing a lot of guys wear lately is a large metal dangling earring. These are all the rage right now, and are sure to elevate anyone’s style!


Something that I feel doesn’t get enough attention in today’s fashion landscape is the bracelet. It seems like these wrist accessories have been all but forgotten by modern trends. That’s why I think they’re primed for a comeback. Getting a single-band linked bracelet is an amazing accessory if you’re looking to outfit your wrist with a little shine. Just remember the golden rule. Always match the colour of the bracelet to your chain. It might seem silly, but trust me it gives your outfit a language to speak!

bracelets man

Men’s fashion is an incredibly interesting place. After what seemed like a decade of retreads, and neo-classical styling. Menswear has finally grown past its formulaic formal wear bounds into something exceptional. To my mind, there are cycles of fashion. Periods where people innovate and pioneer new trends, and periods where people refine and revise those ideas. To my mind, it seems like we have just entered again into a period of innovation. So now is the time to experiment! Go as wild as you like! This is a time for looking for that lewk. So do your thing! Fashion is not a place to worry about the judgment of others. Just do your best, and if you need any further assistance. Just come back here, and take another look at this guide!

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