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To drink or not to drink coffee on a diet? That’s the question plaguing people who are planning to go on a diet but cannot think about functioning without a steaming cup of coffee to jumpstart the day, also another cup just before setting out to work, another one to clear head when neck down deep in work, one more cup to tide over the afternoon slump, and of course that mandatory cup in the evening with friends or family. For a lot of us, multiple cups of coffee help to motor through the day. So, are you ready to dump the coffee when trying to lose weight? The good news for coffee lovers is that the caffeine content actually has been found to boost weight loss, improve metabolism, and even in curbing appetite – only if you drink it the right way. The caffeine content in coffee acts as a stimulant, appetite suppressant, and is also known for its metabolism boosting and fat-burning properties.

How Not To Drink your Coffee While Dieting

Caffeine also has thermogenic properties which means it torches up extra calories in the body. Experts suggest to have your coffee black, avoiding milk, calorie-laden creamer, and also limiting daily coffee intake to just 2 or 3 cups. Most importantly, do not have it close to bedtime because research shows that caffeine content from a single cup of coffee can keep one awake for up to 6 hours because to  lose weight successfully, following a proper sleep hygiene is important and having 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep is part of that hygiene. With so many benefits attached to coffee, it does make sense to grab a cup of coffee right now, but wait, having coffee the wrong way can lead to weight gain, and that’s why it’s important to have it the right way to get the maximum out of this most popular beverage world over. While viral Instagram trends can and heart-shaped art work on latte and cappuccinos can tempt you to grab more of them, here’s how not to drink your coffee while dieting.

1. Bottled and Refrigerated Coffee Drinks From Supermarket Aisles: Though they may look tempting, these bottles have too many calories and considered one of unhealthiest drinks that you can buy from a grocery store. The problem is that these brands add too much sugar to appeal to the tastebuds of consumers, so it’s better to leave them untouched on the aisle.
2. From Fast-Food Joints: Coffee from fast-food chain and restaurants have been found to have heaps of sugar and heavy cream, with high calorie count. Having just one cup from these fast food chains will spike up blood sugar and trigger a sharp insulin release. It’s better not to get your daily dose of caffeine from these places, at least when you are trying to lose weight.
3. Proffee: Though influencers would like you to believe it’s a healthy option – combining coffee with protein powder (that’s what proffee stands for), adding flavoured syrups, creamers, will shoot up the calorie count and make it a calorie-rich drink. We would still say, drink your coffee black to get maximum benefits.
4. Dalgona Coffee: Raise your hand if you didn’t try your hands at whipping dalgona coffee during the lockdown period. Dalgona coffee became a worldwide viral trend on instagram, tik tok, and other social media platforms due to its visual appeal and easy-to-whip recipe. Just whip together instant coffee, sugar, and milk together! The ratio of sugar to coffee and other ingredients is 3:1, which means three tbsp of sugar is added to 1 tbsp of coffee! Having dalgona coffee is the easiest way to gain weight if you take a liking to this decadent and delicious drink.

Summing up, coffee is best when it’s black! If weight loss is on your mind, it’s by being on the right kind of diet that helps you get leaner, and Rati Beauty diet helps you to shed extra pounds as well as inches. Download the Rati Beauty app for more details.

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