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business casual capsule wardrobe

The Ultimate Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe for Fall

This post is your ultimate business casual capsule wardrobe for Fall, this capsule will help professional women create a work wardrobe they love and worry less about what they wear to work, and more about everything else they have going on!

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What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of wardrobe staple pieces, paired with a few seasonal pieces, that are interchangeable to create several outfits. With a capsule wardrobe like this from Penny Pincher Fashion, you can have pre-planned outfit inspiration for the season. With a good foundation of wardrobe staples, you should not need to purchase all pieces in the capsule, as some of the pieces are wardrobe staples that may be similar to items already in your closet.

Be sure to check out this post on my blog where I cover wardrobe staples. This will set the foundation for your seasonal capsule wardrobe!

What Items Do You Need for a Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe?


The items you’ll need depend on your work’s dress code policy. This guide is for a business casual dress code policy. The business casual capsule wardrobe in this post can be dressed up to comply with a business professional wardrobe. Blazers for example, pair easily them with denim for a casual look but also pair with tailored trousers for a more professional outfit.


In terms of numbers for a business casual capsule wardrobe, I like to use 7-10 tops that can be rotated easily. In the colder months, you will need more layers, so a higher number allows for that. This capsule has 7 tops and 2 layering pieces.

A great pair of black and navy trousers go a long way and they’re something you never tire of. In total, this capsule has 5 bottoms.

Most business casual capsule wardrobe collections have a few basic shoes. This capsule has three. Loafers, flats, and a pair of classic pumps.

Keys to a Great Capsule

There are three characteristics that are paramount to a fantastic capsule wardrobe. Color, quality, and cohesiveness.

One of the most important aspects of a capsule wardrobe is the color palette.

For this capsule, I use a neutral color palette with pops of navy and brown. In terms of quality, when you focus on buying just one quality piece, it will reduce the rate at which it will need replaced. Therefore, you will be able to reincorporate a piece, year after year, into your capsule wardrobe. Finally, capsule items should all mix and match well into several outfits. At minimum, each item included in a capsule should be incorporated into at least 4 outfits within the capsule.

capsule wardrobe for work

Best Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe Pieces

To help you narrow down the many categories of business casual workwear, here is a list of the most popular items across the board.

  • Blazers
  • Blouses
  • Sweaters
  • Skirts
  • Trousers

These pieces are worn the most in office settings, fit into most dress codes, and are essential in a business casual environment. Start with a few of these basics and from there you can determine what you like and don’t like.

The Fall Capsule Collection

business casual capsule wardrobe

Oxford Shirt  //  Brown Blouse  //  Knit Cardigan  //  Gray Sweater  //  Satin Blouse  //  Brown Blazer  //  Long Cardigan  //  Sweater Tank  //  Cami  //  Pencil Skirt  //  Navy Pant  //  Eggshell Pant  //  Black Pant  //  Jeans  //  Pumps  //  Beige Loafer  //  Black Flat

Business Casual Capsule Outfits

One of the greatest benefits of a capsule wardrobe for work are the numerous outfit possibilities. With a coordinating clothing collection, such as this, everything can mixed and matched together! You never have to worry about pairing and matching and looking good. A capsule wardrobe is effortless and takes the guess work out of planning work outfits for the week!

Here are 20 different outfits using the 17 piece capsule wardrobe shown above. Keep in mind, there are several other outfit possibilities from this collection that I haven’t shown.

business casual capsule


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