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There’s been a trend cropping up on TikTok: women showing a pre-bedtime routine involving lip tints, self-tanners, eyebrow dyes, henna’d freckles, and more. When they then wake up in the morning (and rinse) they have makeup that lasts for anywhere from a few days to a week.

So let’s discuss — are you using any of these makeup hacks? Are you doing more sophisticated versions of them, like lash tints or microblading or whatnot?

(I think the hashtag #goingtobeduglytowakeuppretty should get you to the biggest tranche of videos… Just to illustrate the post, here’s TikTokker Kaycee Ogle (and a Fox News story featuring her) explaining how she uses self-tanner as contour and then sleeps in it.)

Semi-Permanent “Lazy Girl” Makeup

I’ve seen this trend in past summers, but this summer it seems to be everywhere. (Although, hey, that may be just my algorithm.) There are also a whole crop of videos where people are like, “Do my lazy girl makeup routine with me,” and then show a 10-minute video of them applying like four different foundations and contour and so forth. Which… we have different definitions of lazy, my friend!

(I’ve written before about my short makeup routine… this was a great discussion, actually!)

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Some of the things I’m seeing mentioned as semi-permanent makeup include:

Eyebrow tints. I’ve written before about occasionally using men’s beard dye to dye my eyebrows, and after seeing a few reader discussions about them, I’ve been trying out more permanent options like Godefroy. (I’m not sure if I need them, but in my heart I feel better using my eyebrow stencils that I wrote about here.) There are also some products that apparently go on like a tattoo that you peel off your eyebrows. I haven’t tried those; if you have, please let us know how it went.

An upgrade to fuller eyebrows, of course, is microblading (which Adina from Blue Collar Red LIpstick wrote a guest post about). Readers also just had a discussion on microblading, nanoblading, and lash extensions

Self-tanner as contour and eyeshadow. I am mightily tempted by these, to be honest. I know that my very round face looks a lot better with a bit of contour, but it’s not part of my daily short makeup routine unless I happen to think about it. The last time I tried Jergens on my legs I couldn’t stand the smell, but I recently got some self-tanner drops in the recent Sephora Sun Safety Kit. (I believe this is the product.)

Some of the self-tanning products readers mentioned in previous threads — and I’m excited to try these newer self-tanner drops that you add to your regular lotion:

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Henna for freckles (and sometimes eyebrows). I’ll admit, I’m old enough to be a bit baffled by the faux-freckles trend. I think freckles are awesome, and loved when I got them when I was pregnant with my boys (which turned out to be my skin’s way of telling me that I was ultrasensitive and needed a lot more sunscreen and hats). But adding beauty marks to your face just seems so 1950s to me, let alone putting a whole bunch of tiny freckles on your nose and face (henna, tattoo, or otherwise). The end result always looks nice, though. But I’d suggest maybe trying some other less permanent products first!

Lip tints worn overnight. I’ve seen people putting Wonderskin Lip Stain on their skin and leaving it overnight. I have this product and haven’t been super impressed with the application or staying power of it, but maybe an additional seven hours is what I’m missing?

To be totally honest, I generally prefer the super-affordable wine tints I posted about a while ago (not all of them, but some colors are really amazing) to a lot of lip tints, including Wonderskin, Benetint, and RMS. But again, maybe I’m just lacking in skill here… If you have suggestions, readers, I’d love to hear them.

Then, of course, there are all of the overnight hair productsI’ve used the Sleep Styler in the past, but not any of the newer products… what are your thoughts on those, readers? (I am most tempted by the Cordina bun thingy, but haven’t bought it yet.)

What are your thoughts, readers — are you spending a lot of time on semi-permanent makeup in order to save time the rest of the week? What have been your successes and fails? (Are you still doing a multi-step skin routine at night in addition to this, neither, or is it an either-or situation for you?)

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