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The year is 2010, your friends have just texted your Blackberry to ask if you’re going clubbing, so you pull out your LBD and caged heels. I was 20 years old back then, so this is, of course exactly what I would be doing at the weekend. My wardrobe consisted mainly of Topshop skinny jeans that I had to lay on the floor to wriggle into, leather jackets and bodycon dresses (again, all super tight) and stacks of statement jewellery that I’d pile on all together. 

Whilst heading out for 79p drinks at University in Northampton is a thing of the past, I can say that 2023 does feel the most similar—fashion-wise—to this memorable time in my life. Firstly, the disk waist-belt (you know the one) is back, and even though I loved it in the early noughties, I never thought it would have a resurgence.

When it comes to necklaces, statement pendant, chain and beaded styles are key this season. Leather jackets and cardigans are back as the coolest cover-ups, and denim shorts are having a moment—even if they’re not the hotpants formally worn by Beyoncé, Kate Moss and co. 

Here are the seven 2010s fashion trends that will always back around, and where you can shop them right now, if you’re feeling nostalgic. 

Style Notes: Let’s face it, Victoria Beckham has (and always will be) the poster girl for the LBD, ever since she set the precedent as Posh Spice. Bandeau mini dresses are back in a big way, so no doubt you’ve seen a similar style on Instagram recently. I’ll pass on the thigh-high boots this time around, though. 

This is very VB. 

You can’t deny the flattering appeal of a flare dress. 

Does it get any more fabulous than a 16Arlington feather dress? I think not. 

Style Notes: A going-out outfit in 2010 wouldn’t be complete without a large, look-at-me necklace. Statement accessories were key, and 2023 is seeing a lot of styles make a comeback. Rope necklaces with big pendants, chunky chains and bold beads are some of the styles to look out for. 

Take your basics to a whole new level with this chunky chain. 

Cord necklaces are big news right now. 

The motto for jewellery right now is the more the merrier. 

Style Notes: A shoulder-robed cardigan? Totally 2010. Instead of a jacket or coat, cardigans—in particular, cable-knit styles—were the cover-up to choose. And who doesn’t still love a cosy cardie? They’re an autumn favourite to wear with baggy jeans and trainers. 

I can imagine Alexa Chung wearing this now. 

This understated cable-knit feels particularly 2024. 

A chunky knit so good, it comes in eight other colours. 

Style Notes: In 2010, you wouldn’t leave the house without a skintight leather jacket in tow. Ashanti styled hers with matching (equally as tight) leggings and peep-toe, heeled boots—a microtrend in their own right. Leather is back this year in the form of buckled bikers and sleek, minimalist jackets. 

If you want the 2010 vibe, opt for a more fitted, cropped style. 

Minimalists will love this fuss-free jacket.

The chunky hardware and relaxed cut are a nice touch. 

Style Notes: If you were a teenager or young adult in 2010, you will most likely have owned Topshop Jamie jeans in at least two colours. And when I think of the skinniest styles, I will always instantly relate them to Kate Moss. The noughties fashion icon wore hers with a tank top, low-slung belt and boucle jacket (also back this year), but now, you’ll most likely see them worn with slouchier sweaters and blazers.

Kate Moss would have definitely wear these. 

These come in not one, not two, but three different lengths for the ideal fit. 

ASOS is always a go-to when it comes to skinny jeans all year round. 

Style Notes: Everyone from Beyoncé to Kate Moss sported super-short denim hot pants back in 2010. For a festival with boots or a night out with tights or leggings (yes, really), they were a firm favourite. This summer, we expect to see these make a return. 

Raey is second to none when it comes to denim. 

Yep, raw hem denim is also back.

Ecru denim always looks chicer than bright white. 

Style Notes: Along with the statement necklace, there’s no doubt you would add some form of belt to the majority of your outfits in the 2010s. Waist styles were key, and I for one had a whole collection in all colours to wear with every single outfit. My collection included the disk belt, which, to my surprise, is now being worn once again and can be found on the high street at the likes of Urban Outfitters. 

Never did I ever think I would see the return of the disk belt. But here it is. 

Studded styles are also making their way onto fashion people’s wish lists. 

Well done, Arket. 

This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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