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It was September when I first laid my eyes on this particular piece, a sleek faux leather trench coat courtesy of Marks & Spencer. In my collection of saved outfit ideas, a leather trench coat was one that kept cropping up, and finally I had found one that was not only incredibly chic, but a seriously reasonable price tag considering the elevated style. But as happens when a great new piece hits the high street, in a flash, it was gone. The great thing about fashion is that the very best pieces often come back around, and Marks & Spencer has just had a restock of the coat that’s been on my mind for months now. This time, I won’t let it slip through my fingers. 

In my quest to shop more considerately, I have a few rituals I go through before adding to basket. First, how timeless is it? Any piece that gets added to my wardrobe has to be able to transcend moving trends, and earn its spot in my collection for years to come. With its versatile colourway, classic trench design, and cool edge of faux leather, this coat definitely fits the bill. Second, how would I wear it? There’s been many pieces I’ve adored, but if it doesn’t meld with my personal style, then I’ll find it relegated to the back of my wardrobe, alongside the mismatching socks I’ve never quite found the time to pair up. That’s why I’m here, to show exactly how I plan to style this faux leather coat throughout winter, spring and autumn, for many years to come. You might find that you already have the pieces required to recreate these ensembles, as that’s the brilliance of a capsule wardrobe. But if spot a piece that could bolster your daily outfit builds, I’ve shopped out my finds for extra ease. Don’t worry, you can thank me later. 

Before I run to checkout, here’s 5 ways I plan to style the Marks & Spencer faux leather coat. 

Style Notes: A denim skirt, be it midi or maxi, has become a modern staple within our wardrobes. Just like the aforementioned trench, its a versatile piece for pretty much all occasions. For a minimalist look, I’m looking to other tried and true pieces, such as a classic white t-shirt and knee high boots to complete this look. And to add a little fashion flair, I’d sling this expensive-looking scarf around my neck to pull it all together. 

The coat in question. 

Wear as a neckerchief, bandana or tied around a ponytail for a pop of print. 

A classic white t-shirt is a true wardrobe hero. 

I’m a big fan of this dark blue wash. 

A few of of our editors have already snapped up this pair. 

Style Notes: It wouldn’t be a Who What Wear UK round-up without a stripe, and this H&M knit looks so premium I did a double take. For a smart-casual blend, tailoring and breton stripes are always a safe bet, alongside classic loafers and a sleek tote. The trench coat is a nice way to tie together the contrast textures, and add a polished finish. 

The leather looks so supple. 

The gold buttons compliment the cream tones. 

You may know by now that we’re big fans of Reformation’s Mason Pant. 

A classic addition to your workwear and weekend wardrobes. 

Elegant, beautifully crafted, and sure to become a faithful companion to so many of your looks. 

Style Notes: Taking inspiration from Sam’s look above, I’ve stuck to monochromatic pieces for this elevated evening ensemble. From work meetings to cocktail evenings, this simple yet effect combination is one I plan on relying on for a long time to come. 

I love the nod to classics with the double-breasted detailing. 

These are making their way to me as we speak. 

M&S has so many great pieces right now, including this sleek cutout top. 

This relaxed silhouette is a favourite amongst fashion people right now. 

If you told me these were designer, I’d believe you. 

Style Notes: On most days, a cosy knit, trainers and jeans is my outfit blueprint, so naturally I had to test out if this leather trench coat could be the transitional piece to replace my wool coat with the brighter weather. I can confirm that it passed with flying colours. 

It also comes in a sleek cream version. 

A cosy layering piece you’ll rely on throughout the changing seasons. 

From the cut to the colour, I haven’t stopped thinking about these jeans. 

There’s no denying that retro sneakers are big news for 2024. 

It’s all about large totes this year, and this one looks much more expensive than the price tag. 

Style Notes: See, I told you this coat was versatile. For a sleek evening look, a knit dress has become a firm staple of mine, plus some heels for literal and figurative elevation. The long line of the trench suits the long silhouette of the dress, and paired with a classic black bag and your favourite jewellery, this is a really easy look to throw together. 

By now its clear this is such a wearable piece. 

The neckline and timeless shade make this feel like such a premium piece. 

When it comes to understated looks, bold jewellery is the cherry on top. 

The pleated strap immediately caught my eye. 

I still can’t believe these are from the high street. 

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