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The blunt bob was everywhere last year, and for good reason. The sharp, sleek finish of this hairstyle gave it a polished feel, making it seem as if you’d just left the salon. Even celebrities from Hailey Bieber to Kourtney Kardashian could be seen rocking this trend. However, we’ve started to see a shift lately, with more people opting for relaxed styles such as the textured bob and the wavy bob, and I’m all about these laid-back vibes for 2024. So, when I came across the layered bob hair trend, I knew that it would be huge this year. If you’re wondering what this short hairstyle could be, I reached out to none other than Emma Vickery, art director at Percy & Reed, to get all the info. If you’re looking for a chic way to add some subtle texture and movement into your hair, then I highly recommend you keep on reading.

According to Vickery, the layered bob hair trend involves “a bob length haircut, ranging from collarbone length and up, with layers incorporated based on the chosen length.” Vickery recommends keeping layers minimal when it comes to shorter hair, as this will help keep that slight ‘swing’ effect. As well as removing weight and adding movement, subtle layers can help add a bit of texture to the hair, making it an easy way to switch up your blunt bob this January. 

When it comes to this haircut, Vickery says that personalisation is key when deciding on the extent of layering. “If the hair is thicker, excessive layering might result in bulkiness,” she explains. “Similarly, for finer hair, removing too much weight from the bottom may compromise the strength and shape you desire.” She recommends consulting with your stylist in order to choose the right kind of layers for you, whether that’s a few face-framing pieces or a more choppy haircut overall. “The goal is to create a hairstyle that not only looks great but also suits your lifestyle.”

If you’re thinking about bidding farewell to those blunt ends and adding something a little bit extra to your bob hairstyle, keep on scrolling for all the inspo…

As you can see here, layering can be as subtle as you like to get your desired result.

If you want more texture in the ends of your hair, then this is the perfect style to go for.

It looks great with curtain bangs too.

See? A fringe beautifully blends with layers.

For added movement, why not try curling the ends slightly?

So stunning.

I love how soft and fluffy these layers look.

This style works great with curly hair too.

Another example of how a fringe easily elevates this look.

No matter how long or short your bob is, you can tailor your layers to suit you.

This leave-in balm will provide a light hold to the hair to help keep your layers in place.

If you want to style your layers with heat, I highly recommend a blow-dryer brush for added volume.

To finish, don’t forget to add a little bit of texture spray.

If you want more of a glossy, smooth finish, this hair oil should do the trick.

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