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Tempranillo [temp-rah-nee-yoh] is a red wine grape variety that originated in Spain and is considered one of the country’s most prominent and noble grape varieties. Its name is derived from the Spanish word “temprano,” meaning early, as the grape tends to ripen early in the season. Believed to have been cultivated as early as the 9th century, Tempranillo is the primary grape used in renowned Spanish wines such as Rioja and Ribera del Duero. Apart from Spain, Tempranillo has also gained popularity in regions like Portugal, Argentina, and the United States, where it is known for producing wines with a distinctive combination of fruitiness, spice, and aging potential.


Tempranillo wines typically exhibit a rich and complex flavor profile, characterized by notes of red and black fruits such as cherry, plum, and blackberry. Additionally, these wines often showcase nuances of vanilla, leather, and tobacco, with a well-balanced structure marked by moderate acidity and refined tannins.

Food Pairing

Tempranillo wines pair exceptionally well with a variety of foods due to their versatile flavor profile. They complement classic Spanish dishes like paella, chorizo, and tapas, enhancing the savory and spiced elements of the cuisine.

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