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The New York Times [gift link] noted that “clothing that centers unapologetic strength” featured prominently at New York Fashion Week.

The Wall Street Journal [gift link] looked at how some luxury fashion brands are paying more attention to older women.

Harvard Business Review advocated for a new model of ambition that better accommodates women’s experiences.

Variety reported that researchers found that only 30 movies in 2023 featured women and girls in lead and co-lead roles, a significant decrease from 2022 — and the same number as 2010.

AP News explored the impact of the new frozen embryo Alabama ruling on IVF and shared doctors’ concerns.

The New York Times [gift link] observed that the stigma around stay-at-home dads seems to be decreasing as the role has become much more common.

The Washington Post [gift link] shared how some renters who are priced out of the housing market are revamping their apartments, security deposits be damned.

The Huffington Post featured an essay by a woman who marked her 70th birthday with a unique, year-long celebration.

Your Laugh of the Week comes from McSweeney’s, with “How to Go to the Bathroom While Wearing a Jumpsuit.”

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