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Starting the process of shopping for baby items can be extremely overwhelming. Take it from someone who’s just been through that exact process. There’s just so much out there. You could spend hours researching the best baby grows or bedside cribs due to the overwhelming number of options on the market. Of course, nothing beats a good firsthand recommendation, so to make the ‘preparing for a baby’ process a bit easier, I reached out to all of my mum friends to ask them to share the best baby products that genuinely made their lives as new parents more manageable. 

After finding the initial shopping process so stressful (I must have asked myself “but what do I actually need?!” one hundred times), and then feeling a lot more informed after all of my friends’ feedback, I thought it only fair that, as a Who What Wear editor, I share all the expert tips I’ve gathered along the way in the hopes that it will make your early days of parenthood a lot easier too. In my round-up below, you’ll find links to the best sleepsuits (you’ll never guess where they’re from), the best bottles, the best newborn buggy for city-dwellers and the car seat that got the seal of approval from so many experienced mums, along with so much more. 

Keep scrolling for a list of some of the top baby products on the market, as recommended by the real experts…

Every single one of my London-based parent friends pointed me in the direction of the Babyzen YOYO buggy. Mainly because it’s incredibly compact and lightweight, perfect for when you’re hopping on and off buses and tubes around the city. Since I heard about it, I’ve also spotted it constantly out and about—another sure fire sign it’s worth the investment. Not to mention the fact that A-List celebs from Jennifer Lawrence to Blake Lively (who must have the pick of the lot) have all used the YOYO with their little ones. The newborn set up folds away with the chassis (doable one-handed apparently), making it incredibly easy to use when on the go on your own, then from around 6 months old, they switch into the stroller seat (included in this pack), which can even be taken on most planes as hand luggage. Of course, you can get it in this classic black or there’s a range of chic colours, from beige to muted green and grey, to choose from too. 

Artipoppe carriers may be an investment, but there’s no doubt they’re the most stylish way to carry your little one hands free. 

When I asked about affordable baby clothes, my friend directed my to none other than George at Asda for sleepsuits that not only have zips (much less faffy than poppers) but come in chic muted colours that rival much more expensive brands. 

At the beginning of my pregnancy I was convinced I was not going to spend this amount of money on a pregnancy pillow. Eventually, after a number of cheaper options fell short, I bit the bullet and I haven’t regretted it for a second. The bbhugme also works brilliantly postpartum, as a nursing pillow or back support. 

This highchair by Stokke is actually adjustable and can be configured to work for a newborn, six-month-old with this highchair attachment, all the way to an adult!

I found myself questioning (and then asking all my mum friends) what toys do newborns need, if any? So many of them pointed me in the direction of Lovevery, who create playkits backed by a ton of research that provide everything they need (no more, no less) for their development at every age. 

If you’re after a great all-rounder buggy that will work just as well outside the city as running around it, the Cybex Priam comes highly recommended. The carrycot addition fits on this chassis and is ideal for safely carting around your newborn (and can even be used as an overnight cot if needed when travelling), but from around six months this stroller seat is lightweight, has multiple reclining positions and works either front or parent-facing. 

There are a lot of car seats out there, but the Cloud T was not only the one I was recommended most by friends, but also featured regularly as a winner in expert reviews. The biggest pro? It comes with a base that swivels, so no back-breaking aerobics just to get baby in and out of the car (and it attaches to the Priam chassis above for ease as well). 

This clever little contraption will save not only your energy but also your sanity, rocking the buggy, car seat, bouncer and even crib for you. Genius. 

If you’re choosing to use a dummy, Bibs is the brand that I’ve been recommended the most. This trial pack has a few of different teet shapes so you can find the one that works best for your baby. 

The Babybjorn bouncer is, I’m told, a reliable classic that my friends have used for baby after baby—not to mention it will fit into any stylish home seamlessly. 

These stylish moses baskets are ideal for daytime naps. 

Okay, this isn’t necessarily a ‘baby’ product, but I was recommended Frida Mom’s postpartum essentials so many times, I couldn’t not include. The ice packs and underwear are game-changers for labour recovery. 

The best wipes on the market. 

Apparently a noise machine is a non-negotiable in getting your newborn used to sleeping outside of your tummy. Having this portable one from Frida Baby will, I’m sure, come in handy. 

If you’re looking to be more conscious with your nappy choice, opt for Kit & Kin’s eco nappies. 

A luxury, yes. But so many mums told me their babies loved having this in their buggies. 

Apparently it’s useful to have multiple places to place the baby down safely in the room with you, to allow you to get on with a few household jobs or that all-important self care and a DockATot will do just that (as well as look great in your living room). 

Unlike other bassinets, Stokke’s new Snoozi style can be used up to 9 months (not 6) thanks to the adjustable mattress height. Plus, it’s portable with a storage bag for ease when you need to travel. 

I saw Laura Jackson (mum of 3) recommending these maternity bras on her Instagram, and have since heard so many other mums raving about them. I invested in this style which, I have to say, is so comfy while still feeling pretty. 

These products will take care of your bump pre- and postpartum, take it from me. 

Mamma Mio also has a great range of baby skincare products that are incredibly gentle. 

Obviously, this is not a necessity. But as a fashion girl, can you blame me for having this baby bag on my dream wish list?

Apparently these slings are the only way to get anything done with your newborn in tow, especially around the house. Plus, they’re great for skin to skin bonding in the early weeks.  

If you’re planning to swaddle your baby, these 100% organic cotton large muslins are a multi-tasking essential. 

In a slightly more realistic price range than Prada’s option, Avery Row’s changing bags look lovely as well as being practical. 

Everything on Scandiborn’s website is adorable (and a great place to direct people asking you for gift ideas), including this pretty nappy caddy which I’ve been told is extremely useful for having essentials close to hand in different rooms of the house. 

If you’re planning to breast feed, apparently this affordable handheld pump is super useful in the early days while your let-down reflex is kicking in. 

All my fashion friends have directed me to Zara’s baby collection for affordable but extremely cute unisex buys. 

This co-ord would make a perfect ‘going home from the hospital’ outfit. 

Trust me when I say I’ve done my research (hours and hours of it) searching for the best Bedside crib, and the Snuzpod was the one that kept popping up, as well as the one that the majority of my mum friends had used themselves. Which makes sense since it’s the UK’s best-selling crib. It’s compact, now comes in multiple colours and wood finishes to suit your decor and most importantly its multiple features promote extremely safe sleeping. 

Apparently you can never have too many bodysuits (sometimes called baby vests) and these basics from M&S are not only organic cotton with flat seams to avoid irritation, they also come in a huge range of sizes to suit babies as small as 5lbs. 

Another thing you can’t have enough of? Muslins. I’ve stocked up on these affordable H&M ones which come in so many cute colours. 

The H&M nursery decorations have also come highly recommended. 

Apparently cellular blankets come midwife-approved, because of their open weave cell construction which helps keep your baby warm in winter and cool in the summer. 

Keep them cosy after their first baths in this snuggly towel. 

Whether you’re planning on formula feeding, or simply want to have some bottles on hand for expressing, MAM’s anti-colic (and self-sterilising) bottles have been suggested to me time and time again as the best ones to buy. 

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