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For years, I was all about style before comfort. Following a gnarly Achilles injury, I’ve been learning to lean into comfort. As a casual-shoe lover, I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of trainers that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable while ideally providing ample arch support. While comfortable shoe choices aren’t always the pinnacle of stylish, I was determined to dig through the internet to find a foot-friendly solution to a very important question. 

To my surprise, I uncovered a range of comfortable trainer options for every kind of fashion person. From ultra-trendy styles that are reminiscent of fun, high-fashion moments to comfy picks from everyday brands you’re probably familiar with, I’ve handpicked good-looking kicks suitable for a variety of tastes. They’re backed by our editors and customer reviews. Ahead, click through to discover your next go-to comfortable trainer style.

Style Notes: The trainers still on everyone’s minds? Adidas Sambas. The football shoes hit viral status last year and have shown no sight of slowing down.  A black or white pair is a classic choice, but fashion folk have been all over the colourful styles too. They’re also comfortable, which can be seen by the 8.4k Adidas reviews of the trainers and near 5-star rating. 

Style Notes: Loewe makes some of the best statement shoes (its rose and nail polish heels won’t leave my brain), but its trainers make for a great investment. Inspired by 1970s track shoes, they offer a retro flair while still featuring minimal details, like the cursive logo and slim silhouette.

Style Notes: New Balance has a large variety of sneakers and collabs, but the classic 574 style is a top pick. After wearing them to walk over 10k steps in NYC, I can confirm their immense comfortability. Customer reviews can also back me up—one reviewer compared it to “walking on clouds.”

Style Notes: Nike put a pause on its Cortez style momentarily, but now that it’s back, you should get on board. With its ’70s silhouette and newer released versions in trending colourways, it’ll offer a nostalgic touch to your current outfits without compromising on comfort. Because of the round toe, reviewers do recommend going up half a size. 

Style Notes: The fashion crowd never shies away from a controversial shoe trend, and in the past few seasons, there’s been an uptick in “ugly” trainers like Asics. Like New Balance, Asics was popular due to its comfort but now has been rebranded as the current fashion must-have.

Style Notes: There was a time when you couldn’t find an in-stock pair of New Balance 550s even if you tried. They may not be the It trainers of the moment, but their style power sees no decline in Who What Wear’s book. You can keep things simple or play with the fun shades available. 

Style Notes: I still remember buying my first pair of Reebok Club C trainers when I was an intern at Who What Wear, and they feel just as cool as they did a few years ago. They go with any outfit and have that vintage look that everyone wants in their trainers currently. 

Such a good collaboration. 

A pair we keep seeing on stylish people. 

Another trending shoe by Adidas. 

This pair comes in so many fun colourways. 

This neutral shade is so versatile. 

A Gen Z-approved pair. 

Another ‘ugly’ trainer set to impress. 

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