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At Who What Wear, we don’t really subscribe to the notion of things being “in” or “out”. If you like a trend or a particular item of clothing, there’s merit in that, and we would never want to make you think otherwise. And while we do our best to guide you to fresh fashion and new trend developments, we always implore you to decide for yourself whether or not it’s something you want to add to your wardrobe. Still, that doesn’t mean our editors don’t have their own opinions on such matters. When it comes to their own sense of style, there are some trends that will hit the mark, and others they’ll deliberately swerve, because blindly following fabs is, thankfully, a thing of the past! 

So, as we find ourselves on the cusp of a new season, in the interest of understanding what’s making our editors tick right now, I thought I’d ask them which trends they’re excited by versus the ones they’re happy to sit out on. Like I said, this is personal opinion—please don’t take it to heart if an editor isn’t as into a specific aesthetic as you are! We run a fashion democracy here. 

So, scroll on to see which 2024 fashion trends our editors are wearing and, perhaps more interestingly, which they’re not. 

“While there will always be a place for neutral, go-with-everything trainers in my wardrobe, I won’t be investing in any plain styles this year,” says Who What Wear UK’s social media editor, Joy Ejaria. 

“For 2024 I’m all about making a statement with my sneakers. Inspired by the recent influx of brightly coloured kicks I’m seeing across TikTok and Instagram, this is the way I plan on making my outfits feel more ‘fashion’ this year. I’m eyeing Adidas Gazelles,” says Ejaria. 

These currently have full stock—go, go, go. 

The combination of tan, black and yellow works so well. 

The viral red colourway in stock? Miracles do happen. 

“This year I want my outfits to feel more fabulous—that means making tough but necessary switches here and there. And first up? I’m going to pause on denim jackets, which can look a little casual, and, in their place, going all out with faux fur,” says fashion editor, Remy Farrell. 

“In place of coats, I’m seeing lots of faux-fur jackets on the market, which look so glossy with loose jeans, tailored skirts, wide-leg trousers… you name it! If I had to sum up my 2024 aesthetic, this buy would be it,” says Farrell. 

Is there anything more luxurious than cream faux fur? 

This looks impossibly soft. 

I’m picturing this with blue jeans and chocolate-brown accessories. 

“Don’t @ me—this is by no means gospel—but lately I’ve found myself moving away from the layered necklaces I used to wear daily and, instead, have been seeking out chunkier, more statement styles that add gravitas to basic outfits,” says Who What Wear UK’s Editor in Chief, Hannah Almassi.

“For Christmas, I finally got my hands on Daphine’s cult Chris tennis necklace, and it’s been making my outfits look vastly chicer ever since. Just the right amount of sparkle and weight and my looks are feeling so much fresher. Of course, I’ll likely revisit my dainty jewels later in 2024 but, for now, tennis necklaces have my heart,” confirms Almassi. 

These look like genuine diamonds. 

COS serves up its own take on the trend with a half metal, half gemstone style. 

This also comes in a silver tone. 

“I have always been an old soul, drawn to grown-up things from an early age. I remember wearing trench coats in my teens as opposed to the faux fur-trimmed puffers my friends loved. Anyway, things haven’t changed much and, in 2024, I’m looking to invest in a particularly granny-like bag: a top handle,” says deputy editor, Maxine Eggenberger. 

“Top-handle bags have always been elegant in my book, but right now they feel cooler, too, coming in a host of on-trend colours and finishes, from espresso suede to Bottega Veneta’s signature woven leather. In terms of bag styles, this is one that never dates and, if you ask me, looks tenfold more sophisticated than the crossbody I’ve been wearing for ten months straight. Time for a change,” affirms Eggenberger. 

The latest iteration of Toteme’s T-Lock bag. 

This looks so much more expensive than it is. 

My dream top-handle bag!

“Fringing might be a key trend on the spring/summer 2024 runways but, for me, fashion will always come down to wearability. I can just see myself getting long fringes caught in cab doors, and don’t even get me started on the subsequent pitfalls one might encounter wearing them on a night out. So, I’m continuing to put my faith in bows,” says Who What Wear UK’s news writer, Natalie Munro. 

“Bows have been trending hard for a while–whether this continues into 2024 or not, personally, I’m sold. Pretty and nostalgic, they have the power to completely change the mood of an outfit. Plus, they feed in to the coquette aesthetic, which I’m also very into this season,” says Munro. 

In a word: Fabulous! 

So pretty, and such a great discount. 

Double bows are a big hair trend this season, too. 

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