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There are many pros to being a petite woman, but unfortunately, being able to shop with carefree ease is not always one of them. I would know—I’m a 5’2” (at a push) fashion editor. I’ve spent my career styling models in samples that would drag metres on the floor for me, dangling my legs off benches at fashion week and making regular trips to my local tailor for alterations. 

Aïda wears an Arket puffer.

Of course, we muddle our way through, don’t we? And over the years, my fellow petite editors and I have made an effort to record all the helpful insider tips we’ve learned along the way, like how to build a capsule wardrobe of petite staples or where to find the best petite winter buys. I’ve also been trying to decode some of the biggest trends of the moment so that we can wear them as easily as our taller counterparts. If you’ve been wanting to try wide-leg trousers, for example, I wrote about that here and more extensively about my all-time favourite pair here. And if you thought it was impossible to pull off a long puffer coat, well, I’m here today to tell you to think again.

I recently set out to find the best puffer coats for women below the height of 5’3” and was surprisingly successful. Yes, there are some out there that could probably eat us for breakfast, and I don’t blame you for being wary. But there are some simple tricks that actually make them wearable, whatever your height.

Emily wears an L.K. Bennett puffer.

Firstly, don’t be scared of opting for a longer style. As long as it’s not dragging on the floor, it will actually elongate your silhouette. Secondly, opt for a light, quilted puff rather than a bulky Michelin Man–esque piece that could overwhelm. And finally, steer clear of “oversized” and “maxi” fits when shopping around unless they come from a petite collection where the proportions should already be tailored to you. Instead try mid-length options, which should still give you a longer look, or options with flattering cinched waists or belts. 

Keep scrolling to shop the 15 styles I would particularly recommend…

This Uniqlo coat is less overwhelmingly ‘puffy’ than most.

Snap this up in the sale. 

This is a long style and it will likely be floor length on us petite girlies, but it’s also widely known to be the best puffer on the high street so I wanted to include it. I’d just advise sizing down for a better fit. 

There’s still some sizes left in this chic quilted puffer. 

Lightly quilted and belted—this is a perfect puffer coat to tick off the trend while still looking put-together. 

Uniqlo has helpful notes on the height of the model and size they’r wearing so you can judge the difference on yourself. 

The lightweight padding here will help to avoid your frame being overwhelmed. 

New Look do great petite outerwear. 

Being a petite style, this will give you the oversized look without drowning you. 

This will be longer than it appears on the model here, but the nipped waist should balance out the proportions. 

This would make a timeless investment. 

A luxury, lightweight option endorsed by the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. 

Classic and affordable. 

If you prefer no bulky hood, this is a great option. 

A great mid length option. 

I love this chocolate brown option. 

A nice light option to take into spring. 

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