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I don’t know about you, but after a busy Christmas period, my under eye circles are darker than ever. In a bid to look less tired, I’ve been testing all of the top-rated concealers you could think of, but nothing seems to be getting rid of the pesky purple shadows around my eye area. As a beauty editor, I am constantly asking makeup artists for their tips and tricks, so I decided to reach out to Hollie Ellis, pro makeup artist at Bobbi Brown, to find out exactly how I could cover my dark circles for good. As it turns out, Ellis has a secret trick to awaken the eye area, and it has nothing to do with concealer at all. 

Instead, Ellis told me that an under eye corrector is the best way to diminish tired-looking eyes. If I’m being totally honest, although I had heard of under eye correctors, I didn’t really know what they did. As someone who likes to do their makeup in ten minutes or less, I have always been reluctant to add an extra product to my routine, especially when I don’t know much about it. However, after speaking to Ellis and finding out exactly how this product works, I practically rushed to my nearest Boots to try some out for myself, and I can now say that this is a step in my routine that I will never skip. Of course I thought it was only right that I shared all the information with you, so keep on scrolling for everything you need to know…

First things first, what actually is an under eye corrector? According to Ellis, “an under eye corrector is the secret to diminishing dark and tired-looking under eyes”. The product can look similar to a concealer, but is applied beforehand. Instead of providing coverage like a concealer would, it comes in a range of colour correcting tones to neutralise shadows under the eyes and to help with any discolouration.

As mentioned above, instead of concealing dark circles or blemishes, this product is all about correcting. “Correctors are completely different in that they help remove [discolouration] and are never normally a skin tone shade [unlike a concealer],” explains Ellis. “You’ll find that some brands work with greens, reds and orange correctors. [At] Bobbi Brown, we work with peach and pink correctors [that] are much more natural to your skin tone, so once applied, they will blend seamlessly into the skin.”

If you want to give this product a go, it’s important to know how to apply it correctly. “Always use your corrector first before your concealer”, says Ellis. “Once corrected, you will find you only need a small application of concealer to help bring back your natural skin tone shade.” Depending on the formula, you can apply this product with your fingers or a small brush.

As Ellis mentioned, lots of brands work with different shades of under eye correctors, so sometimes it can be confusing to know which one to go for. She advises looking at what discolouration you can see under your eyes. For example, peach correctors can help with blue discolouration, while green correctors can help with redness.

So, now you know everything there is to know, keep on scrolling for my top product recommendations…

Available in 12 different shades, this Bobbi Brown corrector will help diminish any dark circles under the eyes. The waterproof formula is easy to blend and layers beautifully under concealer for a natural-looking finish.

Price shown is members’ price. I was delighted to see that one of my favourite beauty brands, Beauty Pie, also did an under eye corrector. This clever product is ‎formulated with sunflower and castor oils to hydrate the delicate eye area while also colour correcting and adding a luminous finish.

Mac have created a palette with everything you need for the perfect base. With four concealer shades and two correctors, the creamy formulas can be mixed and matched to suit your skin tone.  Editor’s Pick: This product gets a 10/10 from me thanks to the fact that it includes everything you need to do your under eye makeup in one handy palette.

Charlotte Tilbury has created one of the chicest under eye correctors I’ve ever seen. This product glides onto the skin, covering any unwanted dark circles. The formula is also enriched with flavonoids to tackle puffiness, so trust me when I say that this product will become your morning must-have.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Nars’ creamy concealer, but did you know that the brand does a corrector too? It’s just as lightweight, and works to correct and brighten the under eye thanks to light-diffusing technology.

Elf have created a super affordable under eye corrector which doubles up as a primer to keep your concealer in place. With colour correcting hues, illuminating pearls and a formula enriched with hydrating hyaluronic acid, you really can’t go wrong.

If you prefer a stick formula, Huda Beauty have got you covered. I love this product as it is both crease-proof and transfer-proof, and feels really lightweight on the skin. With seven shades to choose from, it will help banish dark circles and give a brightening effect thanks to vitamin c.

If you want a slightly more creamy consistency, then I recommend this corrector from Pixi. The pigmented formula will help create the perfect base for makeup. Simply blend with your finger or a small brush depending on your preference.

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