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Now we’re in 2024, it seems we’re still very much in our bob era. And hair salons agree: it’s been *the* haircut of the past 12 months. We saw every type of bob haircut dominate last year, and it shows no sign of stopping this year. Curious to know what hair trends will be big in 2024, I asked hairdressers to share the bob trends that they think will be next. Two hairdressers I spoke to tipped the ‘Baroque Bob’ to be next.

So, what is a baroque bob exactly? I asked Rachael Gibson, The Hair Historian, to give us some historical context to the era. “The Baroque refers to a movement in European art and design from the 17th century which centred on extremely elaborate and ornate art and architecture,” says Gibson. “This desire for highly decorative design was reflected in hairstyles of the time, which were equally flamboyant and full of rich details. Women would have generally worn their hair in a centre parting with a bun at the back of the head, and tumbling tight ringlets on either side adding a sense of drama and grandeur to their appearance. It was an era that was all about exaggerated, elaborate detailing with bows, ribbons and corkscrew curls creating a highly feminine appearance,” she says.

Hairstylists tip that we’ll be seeing more voluminous curls and natural textures in these shorter bob cuts. “In 2023, Baroque-inspired curls brought an air of opulence to the fashion world, with Versace’s runway as a prominent example, says, Jason Crozier, hairstylist at Neville Hair and Beauty “In 2024, the trend has evolved with a contemporary twist. Celebrities like Zendaya continue to embrace voluminous curls, but now with a hint of avant-garde geometric shapes, offering a combination of timeless beauty and modern artistry,” he says.

Jordanna Cobella, London Hairdresser of the Year and owner of Cobella , also predicts the rise of the Baroque bob. “The Baroque bob is a hairstyle inspired by the opulence and intricate details of the Baroque era,” says Cobella. “It often features a shorter length with voluminous curls, waves or elaborate textures. The trend in 2024 may stem from a desire for bold, statement looks and a fusion of historical aesthetics with contemporary styles, creating a visually striking and unique appearance,” she adds.

Ready to embrace some 17th century glamour? Scroll ahead for all the Baroque bob hairstyle inspo you could need.

I’m obsessed with the shape and volume of Freddie’s curls.

A shoulder-skimming bob looks amazing on curly hair.

Some face-framing layers work great to add definition to curls.

Bows and curls? A Baroque match in heaven.

I love Aysha’s voluminous, tumbling shoulder-length curls.

The Baroque bob pairs beautifully with a fringe too.

A pair of bejewelled earrings or hair slides can add a touch of the Baroque to your curls. Scroll ahead for how to style the Baroque bob.

Whether you are blessed with natural curls or want to recreate the Baroque bob on straight hair, there are plenty of styling tricks to enhance this style. “For a modern interpretation, curls are still key—don’t put away those festive hair accessories— bows, jewels and ribbons will all summon a sense of the baroque,” says Gibson.

This thin curling wand can be used on curly hair to help add definition, or to create curls from scratch on straight or wavy hair.

Add gloss and hydration to curly hair textures that need extra nourishment.

This curl enhancer is great for adding definition to looser curls.

A silk pillowcase can help protect curls from friction caused when sleeping, and Beauty Pie’s is one of the more affordable silk options on the market.

Tap into the Baroque aesthetic with a couple of bejewelled hair slides.

Bows aren’t going anywhere for 2024—these hair ties are at the top of my list.

The easiest way to add a little luxe to an evening look.

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