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Image Credit @ Josh Shinner for Harpers Bazaar Spain

Great skin never goes out of style, so it’s no surprise that the skincare industry is always pushing forward to find new ways to perfect the art of achieving a gorgeous complexion. Since my signature look has always been skin-first beauty (as the ‘master of nude skin’) I pay just as much attention to skincare trends as I do makeup trends. Alongside new and exciting products hitting the shelves, next year we’re set to see a shift towards hyper-personalisation and a further shift toward considered consumerism. Let’s run down the biggest beauty trends of 2024, shall we?


Image Credit @ Josh Shinner for Harpers Bazaar Spain

What are the biggest skincare trends for 2024?

The biggest skincare trends for 2024 are set to include ultra-personalised regimes, ectoin skincare, skinmunity focus, eco-beauty and smart home skincare devices. Let’s break down what we should expect from these.

Ultra-personalised skincare regimes

Ultra-personalized skincare regimens have been growing in popularity in recent years, with some brands even tailoring formulations based on skin types. In 2024 we can expect to see skincare brands using advanced diagnostic tools and AI-driven analysis, considering genetic factors and lifestyle influences to provide a customised skincare experience. This approach will be particularly useful to address specific skin issues and promote overall skin health for those struggling to achieve a radiant complexion.

Image Credit @ Josh Shinner for Harpers Bazaar Spain

Ectoin skincare

Ectoin is an amino acid derivative that protects microorganisms in extreme conditions. In skincare, it is known for its skin-protecting and anti-aging properties, and it is set to increase in prominence in 2024. Ectoin helps protect the skin against environmental stressors, penetrates deeper layers, and soothes and hydrates the skin. It is also known for its ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture, and promote skin barrier repair.


Speaking of barrier repair, you should expect to hear more about ‘skinmunity’ in 2024. Skin immunity is related to the skin microbiome and its influence on skin health and immunity, and there will be an increased focus on maintaining this in 2024. The skin microbiome plays a significant role in various processes, immune interactions, and skin disorders, and might be the key to unlocking your best skin ever.

Image Credit @ Josh Shinner for Harpers Bazaar Spain


Another skincare trend to stay ahead of the curve on is conscious consumerism. This means paying closer attention to the design, production, and disposal of your skincare products. Consumers are increasingly brands that prioritise using sustainable practices, eco-friendly packaging, and biodegradable ingredients to minimise harm to the environment and animals. Eco-beauty brands prioritise the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants throughout the entire product lifecycle, from sourcing to disposal.

Smart home skincare devices

The popularity of at-home treatments shows no signs of slowing for 2024. Look out for high-tech tools designed for at-home use to enhance skincare routines. These devices, such as LED therapy masks (like this one) and ultrasonic exfoliators, aim to provide professional-level skincare treatments without the need for spa or salon visits.

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