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There’s no denying that footwear has been a focal point throughout the year. We’ve seen the revival of ‘dated’ styles in the ballet flat revolution, taken practical steps in opting for mid-heel styles over stilettos, and explored colour theory with cream iterations. In the world of trainers, its clear that one particular style is ruling right now, the Adidas Handball Spezial. 

When it comes to trainer trends, they come in two forms. One arrives slowly, with infrequent sightings on the streets and occasional TikTok videos before finally reaching the surface. Other times, a footwear trend arrives in a flurry of celebrity sightings and listings on fashion people’s wish lists. And that’s the exact course of this particular shoe.

Dating back to the late 1970s, the Handball Spezial has maintained a sturdy following throughout the years, but always sat just under the cusp of reaching cult status. That was until now. From Bella Hadid to Katie Holmes, celebrities and fashion people alike have shown that these cool sneakers are finally having their moment. With a casual silhouette, a nod to retro designs and a wide range of colours to choose from, we can see how the adoration of this shoe has grown. Whilst the brand’s other iconic trainer, the Samba, has been harder to get our hands on than a Birkin, the Handball Spezial is just reaching the mainstream and therefore much easier to track down, which I’ve done below for added ease. And unlike some of the designer footwear that have made headlines (and won our hearts), they also come at a comfortable price point too. 

Ready to tap into the trainer trend set to rule 2024? Scroll on. 

These will go with everything. 

The leather and suede mix is a nice touch. 

Or go for a full suede style for a more classic feel. 

I love the mix of tonal greens. 

My new years uniform consists of blue jeans, a white tee and these. 

So much fun. 

I predict these will be a favourite very soon. 

This pair is selling well, but End Clothing has plenty of sizes left in stock. 

Upgrade a full monochrome look with these bold shoes. 

Burgundy always adds a wintery feel. 

White trainers feature in every great wardrobe. 

Note the white accents on the iconic Adidas stripes. 

This pair is sure to fly. 

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