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If there is one haircut that has reigned supreme over the past year, its the bob. And it’s perhaps no surprise. Throughout history, the bob has remained a timeless haircut that has never gone out of style, it has only morphed and changed with the decades. Take the Italian bob. Its full-bodied, bouncy lengths are a nod to old Hollywood glamour, whereas the resurgence of the blunt bob draws inspiration from the minimalist short haircuts we saw through the ’90s (the Beckham bob, we’re looking at you).

Having seen just about every type of bob haircut make a comeback over the past 12 months, it’s a sign that short haircuts are not going anywhere anytime soon for 2024. Just ask any hairdresser or salon—they’ve been inundated with requests for shorter, jaw-skimming cuts.

Thinking about getting a bob haircut in 2024? “Remember that trends can evolve, and new variations of the bob haircut may emerge over time, so it’s always a good idea to consult with a hairstylist who can provide the latest insights and tailor the haircut to suit your face shape and personal style,” says Afroditi Koutsouki, senior stylist at Neville Hair & Beauty.

Curious to know what bob haircuts will be trending for 2024, I asked top hairstylists and the busiest salons to share their predictions of what bob haircuts will reign in 2024. Prepare to call your hairdresser, because you’ll have plenty of inspiration ahead.

TyLynne Nguyen’s minimal cut is a classic bob hairstyle. A classic, no-frills bob transcends seasonal trends, and looks stylish on just about everyone, says Koutsouki. “Timeless and versatile, the classic bob is a chin-length cut with a straight and even line. It’s a simple and elegant look that can be customised based on individual preferences,” she says.

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Taylor Lashae is a great reference for the Parisian-inspired bob haircut. “The Parisian French-girl bob is a chic and effortless hairstyle that reflects the timeless and sophisticated style associated with Parisian women,” says Jordanna Cobella, London Hairdresser of the Year and creative director of Cobella Salon. “It often features a shoulder-length cut with subtle layers, creating a tousled and natural look. The key is to achieve an undone elegance, appearing as if you woke up with effortlessly stylish hair.”

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Taylor Hill’s new haircut channels the grunge bob trend. The ’90s-inspired bixie haircut has entered the chat in form of the grunge bob, says Hollie Rose Clarke, hairstylist in residence at Dryby London, who notes ’90s Winona Ryder, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore as references. “The grunge Bob is the edgier art school sister to the Parisian Bob,” she says. “She’s carefree, a little shorter and the blunt finish to a classic bob is lost in favour of soft texture and shorter layers. It has a whole lot of face framing, knocking off that signature corner off of the bob, and adding short Bardot inspired bangs,” says Clarke. “The grunge bob/bixie is an effortless cool-girl cut, with a ‘she woke up like this’ mood. It’s all about embracing your natural texture.”

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Note the graduated longer length towards the front of the cut that is characteristic of the inverted bob. Also known as the stacked bob or graduated bob, the inverted bob is back for 2024 with a modern update. “The inverted bob is shorter at the back and gradually longer towards the front, which creates a stacked, angled effect,” says Koutsouki. “This haircut accentuates your jawline and brings attention to your cheekbones. The graduated bob features a shorter back with added volume, while the front boasts more length,” she says. “At the back, layers provide ample volume and texture, creating a dynamic look with a slight angle towards the front. The graduated bob exudes chic and timeless style, always staying on-trend,” says Koutsouki, who explains that this hairstyle complements both oval and round face shapes.

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The ’90s bob is here to stay, with its slightly longer, shoulder-skimming blunt ends, as shown on Hailey Bieber. The ’90s bob never really went away, but is set to gain popularity in 2024. “The 90s bob is a classic hairstyle characterised by a chin-length or slightly longer cut with blunt ends and often accompanied by face-framing layers and often styled with a bevel,” says Cobella. “It’s expected to remain popular in 2024 due to the ongoing revival of ’90s fashion and nostalgia. The simplicity and versatility of the 90s bob make it a timeless choice that transcends trends,” she adds.

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The Baroque bob lends itself well to natural textures such as curls and waves. “The baroque bob is a hairstyle inspired by the opulence and intricate details of the Baroque era,” says Cobella. “It often features a shorter length with voluminous curls, waves, or elaborate textures. The trend in 2024 may stem from a desire for bold, statement looks and a fusion of historical aesthetics with contemporary styles, creating a visually striking and unique appearance,” she adds.

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The to-the-point precision of the blunt bob haircut gives it both a chic and timeless vibe. The blunt bob has been dominating our feeds of late, but it remains a timeless short haircut that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. “The blunt bob features a straight-across, even cut at the ends. It can be worn at various lengths and is known for its sharp and modern appearance,” says Koutsouki.

Keep blunt ends in good condition with a nourishing hair oil.

The A-line bob works beautifully for those with thicker hair textures, creating an elegant ‘A’ silhouette.  “The A-line bob is characterised by a shorter back that gradually gets longer toward the front. This creates an angled and dynamic look, framing the face beautifully,” says Koutsouki. It lends itself well to those with curly or thick hair textures to create a bold silhouette.

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The Italian bob sees a bouncy curled bob that is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour. “The Italian Bob is a longer, bouncier, sensual more versatile cut that’s more is more styling is giving old Hollywood glamour,” says Clarke, who references actors such as Gene Tierney and Elizabeth Taylor that have inspired this glamourous haircut that we’ve since seen on Zendaya. “The Italian bob made its big slash onto our screens in on Lucia [played by Simona Tabasco, pictured] on season two of White Lotus, becoming the biggest hair trends of 2023, while bringing the side parting back from its time out,” she says.

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Hairstylists tip shorter cropped bobs to rise in popularity in 2024. As the bob blew up over the past 12 months, we’re beginning to see an experimentation with shorter versions, says Clarke. “The bob is the LBD of the hair world, and Hailey Bieber was very much the bob poster girl of 2023. This cut featured a middle part and blunt baseline, creating a perfect layer-free ultra mini bob that just grazes below the jaw,” she says. “This trend will be going shorter in 2024—time to make way for the nano bob,” predicts Clarke.  We’ve seen influencers, such as stylist Loïcka Grâce, wearing cropped haircuts all over our feeds, and the trend is expected to pick up momentum during 2024.

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Our love of bouncy blowouts isn’t just reserved for longer lengths. The blown-out effect looks great on shorter hair too.  Make way for the airy bob in 2024, says Clarke. “Bigger is better with this style, and many of us want that va-va-voom volume. This take on the classic bob with a old money blow-out is like a capsule wardrobe for hair; timeless and chic with an edge of sassiness,” she says. With our love affair with blowout brushes and hair multi-stylers, there are plenty of great hair tools to achieve this bouncy, aerated style.

Fake a blowdry at home with a blowout brush.

A shoulder-length lob, or long bob, is a versatile style that still keeps some length in your hair. Thinking of growing out your current bob? Or perhaps you want to go a little shorter but remain in your comfort zone? The lob is a great choice. “The lob is a longer version of the bob, typically falling just above the shoulders or grazing them,” says Koutsouki. “It offers more styling options while maintaining the sophistication of the classic bob.”

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Layers can add shape and texture to a traditionally sleek bob. Choppy bobs are back, and are great for creating body and volume in your lengths. “Adding layers and texture to a bob creates a more dynamic and voluminous look,” says Koutsouki. “Textured bobs can be achieved through cutting techniques that add movement and dimension to the hair,” she adds. Some hairstylists favour a razor to create that effortless texture through the lengths.

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