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I’ve been skiing since I was about 5 or 6—long enough that I can’t exactly pinpoint my earliest memory on the slopes, but I’d wager it was around that age. I’m forever grateful to have been taught such a daunting sport at that young age when falling down or wiping out was completely NBD because even though I only manage to get on the mountain a handful of times a year now, it’s always like no has past. Suffice it to say, after twenty-plus years in the game, I know a thing or two about not just skiing, but what to wear and even more importantly, what to pack for a ski trip (or snowboarding—I don’t discriminate).

Whether it’s your very first time or you’re a seasoned pro, your ski trip packing list will look the same and trust me, this isn’t the kind of trip you can just wing it without planning ahead. There are so many niche items that that you’ll need for the sport, from a neck warmer to the right kind of socks, that you might not have just laying around your house. So you definitely want to avoid showing up to your destination unprepared or else you’ll be running to the nearest pro shop to buy all these random necessities. And why do that when you can peruse all the cooler fashion girl-approved versions of things like goggles, base layers, and ski pants that I’ve shopped out below?

Seeing as we’re in the peak of ski season’s December to April run, I figured now would be as good a time as any to share my go-to packing list. I’ve referred to this list so many times I should probably have it laminated or something (hit me up if you can help me with this).

First, you’ll need a sleek way to carry it all. 

The brand every fashion person wear to go skiing.

Cosy yet flexible for swooping down the slopes. 

A sleek one-piece is also a solid choice. 

Wear underneath a ski jacket or pop it on for an après look.

Snow gear is the one area of my closet that I feel no qualms about going crazy with. Colours and prints that normally feel too loud are all somehow neutralised when you’re on the mountain because the rules of everyday attire don’t seem to apply.

This matching set is so chic. 

It doesn’t make sense how warm the Heattech base layers are because they’re quite thin, but they’ve served me well on countless ski trips so I try not to question it.

If it’s especially cold I’ll layer these underneath my ski pants. They’re thinner than standard leggings so they never look too bulky underneath.

Socks might seem like the last item you throw in your suitcase before zipping it up, but when it comes to skiing or snowboarding, fabric matters. Don’t learn the hard way by wearing regular cotton socks. You’ll want to look for wool or wool blends that soft, warm, and most importantly, moisture-wicking. 

Yep, ski gloves are in a category all their own from regular winter gloves.

Always wear a helmet on the mountain, but when you’re off, a cute beanie comes in handy.

Need I explain?

A great pair of goggles is always worth the investment.

Neck muffs are another accessory that you’d regret overlooking if you didn’t pack.

Don’t make the mistake I’ve made in the past by wearing sneakers to and from the ski lodge. You’ll end up trudging through snow and sludge, so going with something waterproof like these cool lace-front boots is key. I like that these are easy to pull on and off, too, making it even easier to swap for ski boots.

A girl can dream. 

There’s a reason why celebs all wear Alo’s super-soft lounge leggings on repeat.

It’s always nice to bring a non-ski jacket to wear out to dinner.

Go ahead—be extra.

You’ll be thankful you remembered to pack a swimsuit when hitting the hot tub at the end of the day.

Cool loungewear to travel in and wear around the AirBnb or hotel is key.

A modern cult classic.

When goggles aren’t as necessary on sunny days, so classic sunglasses it is.

While it seems like an obvious add for any kind of travel, sunscreen is crucial for a ski trip since you’re exposed to the elements for long periods of time. I like using Glowscreen for its subtle tint that makes me feel better about going makeup-free.

Lather on a thick hand cream like this throughout the day and your hands will thank you for it later.

Wind and snow combined with speed is a harsh combo on your face. My lips are the only area that isn’t always covered when I go skiing, so I like to keep a hydrating lip balm in my pocket to reapply on the chairlift.

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