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My love of dresses knows no bounds and while most people gravitate towards two-piece ensembles during the winter months, I dream up creative ways to wear my favourite dresses, come rain or shine. I can’t help myself, it’s the style I love best and I can’t bear to reserve it for a few mere months a year. Although I love wearing dresses, I have to ensure I remain protected from the elements. Therefore I seek inspiration for chic ways to do so. French women incorporate dresses into their winter wardrobes effortlessly, so I’ve been taking notes on how they style dresses during the cold months and I’ve noticed one of two things.

Note how Sylvie teams her bouclé knit mini dress with cropped trousers. A genius example of elevated layering.

Firstly, the relevance of statement outerwear pieces. Timeless (yet statement) outwear has pride of place in many French women’s wardrobes — from fluffy trim vinyl to double-faced aviator jackets and longline leather coats. Secondly, there’s ingenuity when it comes to the use of layers without a coat swallowing an outfit whole— be it tights or knee-high boots. The trick is usually layers and length, however, French women are known to wear knitted mini-dresses during the winter whilst bearing their pins. Another much-loved dress style in Paris is a mini puff sleeve boycon knit worn with elongated boots, or dresses worn with opaque tights and mules. Admittedly it’s a little non-conventional, but it works. 

This season, I’ve also introduced brown-hued frocks into my arsenal, to incorporate elements of nature — parks littered with crisp foliage, the glossy lacquer of fallen conkers and such. I’m romanticising winter if you will. If like me you’re determined to prolong the wear out of your dresses, keep scrolling for some inspiration on how French women are wearing dresses this winter.

Style Notes: There’s something so luxe about a tonal outfit and brown is a hue dominating this season’s trends. I’m paying attention to the ways French women mix and match tones. There’s no better palette pairing than brown and ecru, so play with accessories in similar tones to create a muted colour-blocking effect.

I’m drawn to ruched silhouettes and deep cocoa hues this winter and this piece features both elements.

Most French women I know own a streamlined leather jacket like this or hip-length.

The most beautiful silhouette and milky colourway.

Isabel Marant is much loved in Paris. Especially the footwear. When I’m not swooning over the Dicker boots, it’s the suede knee-highs.

Add some sparkle to this tonal look.

Style Notes: Minis are loved far and wide across France and it’s a style that continues to be championed in the depths of winter. Knitted mini dresses, in particular, are a fallback choice for many French women this time of year. As the weather gets cooler, boots are elongated and statement outerwear takes centre stage. Whether it’s a leopard print coat or vinyl sherling number, layer your mini with a showstopping coat.

I own the mini skirt version of the dress and I’m still impressed with the quality a year on.

Polished dome-style earrings are dominating the accessory world but I would continue to wear them no matter the trend forecast.

Marks and Spencer has some of the most impressive footwear on the high street this season.

Savette’s boxy accessories are incredibly charming.

I adore this vinyl coat. The faux-fur trimming is so adorable.

Style Notes: Thanks to the mock-neck dress, there’s an element of formality about this look. The tones are muted but the refinement speaks volumes. To add another element to this look, pull in the waist of the coat with a belt.

Toteme pieces are always highlighted coveted but its outwear is the most exceptional.

The streamlined fit with the mock neck loans this dress an element of formality.

Pinah’s jewels incorporate the essence natural elements with hardened materials, resulting in directional pieces like the Bossa.

This arm candy is currently 50% off. I’ll admit, there was an audible gasp.

My new favourite boots. I’ll treasure them for ann age.

Style Notes: You’ll most likely find a shearling jacket in most French women’s wardrobes, in fact, they make a great addition to a winter wardrobe. Despite the cropped length it’s lined with sherling and boasts a high neck feature to keep you warm. Plus, as the style is cropped, it won’t overpower an outfit.

COS’ outerwear is some of the best on the high street. I’m always so impressed.

By Malene Birger’s Paige knit has been on my radar for a year and now it’s on sale!

This season Charles & Keith have released an extended range of leather bags (which I find to be more hardwearing). This Gabine style is so chic.

There’s something so timeless about the original GG canvas motif.

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