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It’s official: the cold is here. The leaves are collecting on the floor under our feet and the trees will soon be bare. Wedding season has come to an end and Christmas decorations are already in the shops! However, there’s another important matter we have to address. Now that it’s getting chillier after a rollercoaster of a month of hot/cold/hot again/cold again and now really cold, with temperatures hitting the low-to-mid teens, what do you wear in 15-degree weather? Luckily, we’ve sorted through some key pieces to have on standby to help answer that major question.

Fifteen degrees might seem chilly, but it’s actually a pretty nice temperature (for me) as you’re still warm enough when walking but perhaps it’s a little too cold to sit on a park bench in a t-shirt. A brisk breeze could really throw your outfit choice off. Still, this indeterminate forecast is difficult to dress for. Wear too thick a knit and you’ll feel flushed, but breezy, lightweight textures like cotton and jersey might feel too cool on their own. To help you assemble outfits to suit the temperature, we’ve rounded up nine foolproof suggestions from some of our favourite influencers, who seem to have the art of transseasonal dressing down.

With everything from an alternative to bulky winter coats to the hero piece you’ll consistently reach for over the next six months, scroll on to see nine impressive outfits that perfectly demonstrate what to wear in 15-degree weather. Then, should they not already feature in your wardrobe, proceed to shop the key pieces you need to re-create them.

Style Notes: Trench coats are considered a year-round staple for most fashion types, but they loan themselves particularly well to middle-of-the-road temperatures, too. Often lightweight and resistant to unpredictable weather, they’re the perfect addition to any autumn/winter capsule. 

This sage green hue would look dreamy with red accent accessories.

You can’t beat a classic slightly worn-in indigo shade and the raw edge would look great with boots or socks and shoes/trainers! How versatile can you get?

Iconic kicks.

Style Notes: We honestly believe this is the easiest way to get dressed during this odd weather time. It’s super polished and can be mix-and-matched for various styling options. 

I love the charcoal grey and dropped shoulders of this. Even with a pair of jeans rather than co-ord, its a look!

Perfect for welcoming in the cool.

Make confident strides in this timeless pair which strike the perfect balance between night and day.

Style Notes: If you invested in a chunky knitted vest last winter, then you’ll be pleased to hear that they’re sticking around for winter 23/24. Wear the impressive layering item over a shirt dress and finish with boots to beautifully welcome in the shorter days and longer nights.

Wear it with dresses, jeans, tailored trousers—the list goes on.

A year-round winner. 

This is the kind of boot that never dates.

Style Notes: Look to jackets rather than coats for a good cover-up. Shearling versions are on our radar right now. 

This has a vintage feel and the wide collar is a great touch.

Ideal for minimalist dressers.

Wear-all-day denim.

Style Notes: What we love about jumpsuits is that, much like dresses, they provide an easy outfit solution that works for just about every occasion you can think of. However, an added extra is that they also keep more heat in—perfect for when it’s 15° out. 

You’ll rewear this for years and a t-shirt popped on underneath helps keep you a little warmer.

An easy way to add a fun touch to your outfit.

These look GREAT with denim and re more suited to the chillier temps.

Style Notes: Sure, it’s 15°, but it still feels too soon to whip out the heavy-duty coat just yet. Instead, look for woollen blazers, which will keep you toasty but won’t look out of place at this point in the year. 

This camel hue remains eternally chic. 

RE/DONE jeans will last you for years.

A great take on the beloved Puzzle bag.

Style Notes: Comfortable but chic in equal measure, knitted dresses have become a firm favourite of ours over the last year and double up as the ultimate 15-degree-weather throw-on. Add whatever footwear you feel comfortable with; though,  it doesn’t come much sleeker than leather boots.

Chic and stylish, just like EVERYTHING in Khaite’s collection.

This slouchy clutch will never get old.

Knee-high boots are a reliable wardrobe addition. 

Style Notes: Speaking of boots, 15° marks the perfect temperature to show yours off. Wear them with tights to avoid the chill—they’ll make all of your dresses instantly feel more appropriate for the temperature, too. 

A great colour which isn’t too dark and heavy.

Sleek and timeless, whilst looking super comfortable for lovely winter strolls.

Style Notes: The over-performer – the cardigan. Perfect for the days where you’re cold when you leave the house but as you warm up you need to get a little air to your chest.The cardigan is an all-rounder that goes with dresses, jeans, skirts, mini skirts, coats…I could go on…

Also available in 3 other shades.

The perfect crossover print for trans-seasonal dressing.

You can also tuck your jeans into these boots for a more casual look.

This piece was published at an earlier date and has since been updated. 

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