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It’s no secret that the bob is one of the most coveted and desired hairstyles of all time. After all, who hasn’t at one point in their lives toyed with the idea of getting ‘the chop’? Everyone from Hailey Bieber to Alexa Chung has found an iteration of the bob that suits them—and if you’re in the mood for change, a bob is by far the easiest way to totally refresh your look.

However, as anyone who’s ever done some research into the best bob haircuts will know, there are many different types of bob to choose from. Short, long, textured, blunt, angled, the options are endless. A good starting point, however, is with a medium bob. It’s not too short, not too long, and gives you the perfect starting point to figure out whether a bob is the right haircut for you. Plus, you can easily either grow it out, or go shorter. The options are endless!

If it’s inspiration that you’re after, then you’re in the right place. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite medium bob haircuts—whether your hair is thick, thin, straight, or curly, this length works for everyone, and here’s the proof.

Sleek, smooth, and straight is one of the easiest ways to style a medium bob.

Flipped-in ends will give your bob a polished look—and they’re so easy to create.

Not too long and not short, for a medium bob, aim for a cut that aligns with the chin.

We love a wavy, swept over style, especially on short hair.

Use straighteners to sculpt the ends of your bob outwards to recreate this fun shape.

A medium bob is the perfect length for thick, wavy hair.

We love the silhouette that’s created by a shoulder-skimming blunt bob.

Fringes don’t always work with short bobs, but they look great with a longer or medium style.

Since it’s not too weighty, a medium bob is the perfect length for your hair’s natural shape and texture to show through.

Softly flipped out ends look good from every angle.

To create the illusion of thicker hair, loosely curl the ends of your bob in alternate directions.

When you want to mix things up, a medium-length bob looks great in a sculpted or slicked back style.

A medium bob is the ideal length for those who class themselves as low maintenance.

If your hair is naturally thick and curly, consider requesting a retro-style cut.

Loose waves keep a medium bob looking effortless and current.

The key to preventing a medium bob from looking flat is plenty of volumising products—and a good hairdryer.

To keep a curly bob looking fresh and bouyant, focus on hydration to add lift, define shape, and boost shine.

Asking for long layers will help to give your medium bob shape and definition.

If your hair has a natural wave, work with the texture. A salt spray is a great way to add movement and define shape.

If you fancy a more angular, defined shape, ask for longer layers in front and shorter at the back. This cut works particularly well on curly hair.

If you’ve got fine hair, a sleek, rounded style is classic—and creates the illusion of volume and body.

A centre-parted medium bob with balayage and easy waves always looks good.

Ideal for long or square face shapes, frame your face with a brow-skimming fringe and a bob which curves around your jawline.

Some salt sprays can be drying and leave hair feeling stiff and tacky. Not this one—the formula is boosted with a cocktail or nourishing plant oils.

Perfect for adding moisture to curly hair or preventing frizz if you’re after a sleek style, this spray-on treatment really is worth the hype.

Whether you want to add volume at your roots or shape to your lengths, this blowdryer brush is the only tool you need to style a medium bob.

This nourishing hair balm works to repair and prevent damaged, but also doubles up as a smoothing styling cream. Use to create sleek, straight looks while also showing your hair some TLC.

Volume and texture in one go—setting your style in place literally doesn’t get quicker (or easier) than this.

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