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I’m not sure I’m at all happy about the return of slim-fit trousers, but my work as an editor is to bring you the latest fashion news unaffected by my own style likes and dislikes. I admit that I love wide-leg tailored trousers because I’m not partial to showing my legs, but as they have been booming for quite a few years in a row now, I understand exactly why this is happening. It’s the natural cycle of fashion, offering up the opposite silhouette as something fresh again. What’s different in this era, however, is that it doesn’t automatically mean that baggy trousers have to exit the building just because skinnier ones are coming back. In fact, it’s all about finding what works for you. If you enjoy wearing puddle pants, then I say hold onto them forever more!

Emily Dawes in H&M’s £23 slim-fit trousers.

Our data backs up the recent rise of slim-fit trousers on the runway. Over one month, 150 pairs of H&M’s basic Cigarette Trousers were on their way to our readers. Interest suitably piqued, editor Emily Dawes tried them on and could understand why they were so organically popular—they proved to be an effortless and comfortable take on such a smart wardrobe staple. What’s more, they go up to a size 22. It’s not as far as we’d like to see that sizing range go, but it’s certainly a noticeable step ahead in comparison to many other high-street stores.

If you, like me, still need a little convincing, then I think the starting point to getting back on board with skinny trousers is knowing which shoes look best with them these days. The last time I wore slim-fit trousers was during a “fierce” time of stacked platforms and Balmain-worthy shoulder pads. Things have (fortunately) moved on, and there are some more casual and understated ways you can restyle a pair of lean-cut trousers. Keep scrolling for some outfit inspiration on which shoes to pair with slim-fit trousers.

There’s something about a lower heel that feels a little more Left Bank Parisienne rather than Canary Wharf commuter rush. Not to mention, your feet will be happy to take things down an inch or two!

The office-famous H&M trousers!

A knotted jumper and blazer are a nice way to get out of wearing a coat.

This jersey blazer is the epitome of smart-casual. 

A classic tote you can combine with almost anything.

Treat your slim-fit trousers as you might a pair of leggings—just add trainers! A combination of off-duty separates with tailoring can work as a great high-low option for those days when you want to be casual yet smart.

The great thing about M&S trousers is the fact they come in regular, short and long cuts.

Fashion eds love Bing’s sweatshirts.

Excellent for layering.

So many New Balance trainer styles to love, so little time.

Is it a coincidence that ballet pumps and skinny trousers are coming back at the same time? I think not! This is a classic formula that dates way back to midway through last century (not just the noughties), and it still looks just as chic today.

The split cuffs on these slick-finish trousers sold me.

A quilted jacket is perfect for the unpredictable transitional weather we’re experiencing! 

A satisfyingly good white tee.

I love the square toe on these satin ballet flats.

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