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Nowadays, the hair wig market is getting increasingly competitive as the number of wig sellers has been surging across the globe in the hope of getting the most out of this highly rewarding industry. As a result, things are more challenging than before for those hair wig sellers to survive the competition and be continuously profitable. That is why more and more hair wig businesses are closed and bankrupt for online and in-store shops. So what are the things that most distinguish those successful wigs sellers from the rest? Actually, where their wigs are sourced has proved to remain on top of the list. Yes, who you choose as your wig supplier plays a crucial role in how far your business can go. So out of such numerous wig suppliers, you might have available, how do you single out the very best option for your business to be consistently invigorated? New Times Hair is going to shed light on that question for your best interest today.

Carry out a Through Assessment First

This is always the first thing to do when you decide on which wig supplier you are going to partner with. You should have an informative insight into their background. That can include many things, such as where they source their hair and base materials, do they have their own factories, how many wig vendors have been wholesaling wigs from them, how long their businesses have been operating, as well as whether they have a very well-rounded quality assurance system. There could be many more things necessary for you to have an idea about except those ones. In order to find out those things, the best way would be for you to visit their sites in person, instead of just checking out their websites or advertisements that could be fake.

After having a knowledge of the background of your wig suppliers, it is time to familiarize yourself with their products. Apart from knowing what types of products they have for you, product quality always remains the top priority to look into as the wrong things can quickly put your business at risk. So how do we exactly assess their product quality? There are typically a few things to pay attention to as listed below.

Hair Type

The hair material used to produce their products accounts for a large share of their production cost. Many hair wig suppliers or manufacturers often source cheap and less superior options to cut back on their expenses. Many wig suppliers adopt cheaper artificial hair or even animal hair as their raw hair material to save cost. They are way not the best options for wig and hair system products that are supposed to mimic people’s natural hair. So the hair should be 100% real human hair that is carefully processed.

On the other hand, human hair has a very fine touch as well as a natural appearance, aside from being very strong and consistent throughout. The most common type of human hair widely adopted in manufacturing has been Indian hair, followed by Chinese hair and European hair. As classier and pricier options, Remy hair and virgin hair could be better options to go for.

How to Find the Right Wig Supplier for My Business

Hair Wig Base

As we know, there is a wide range of wig bases available, including lace, skin, mono, silk top, and so on. No matter which type you are interested in getting, it should first feel acceptable to the wearers without causing any discomfort such as itchiness and stuffiness. Apart from the feel, how resistant the wigs are to damage and wrinkling counts as another factor accounting for wig quality. Most wigs on the market come with a lifespan ranging from 3 to 8 months, dependent mainly on their base design and hair ventilation method. Wigs that fall short of their lifespan due to damages not caused by improper use are generally considered of poor quality.


How natural-looking the wigs appear is probably the first thing that your customers care about, and they are not very likely to swipe their cards for wigs that cannot give them a stunningly realistic look. So it is not hard to imagine the significance of the naturalness level of your supplier’s wigs. Aside from the hair itself, you are supposed to pay more attention to hair knotting. The hair must be evenly knotted onto the base for those natural-looking ones, with all the areas having the same hair density. This means the hair density should be consistent throughout the base. It is better not to consider their wigs as long as the degree of hair density inconsistency is large enough to the point that can make the hair appear somewhat strange and awkward.

For wig wearers, the front hairline is undoubtedly the area that is most likely to give away they are wearing a wig given how prominent it is. So the front area of a high-quality wig must be naturally presented with a contour that highly mimics people’s own natural hairline. The hair strands along the hairline should be neatly and evenly knotted onto the base. When it comes to those inferior ones, you would see that the contour of the hairline appears too straight or crooked, sometimes even with a lack of symmetry, which all could look too odd to be real. Also, a messy way of knotting the hair at the front is no less likely to make the front hairline look fake by not leaving a very accentuated border. So when judging the wig’s quality, it is vital for you to take note of how the front is presented before making up your mind.

Wholesale Offer

When you are very sure about the quality of their products, you can compare their wholesale offers to others. Everyone wants to wholesale wigs for the lowest prices possible. But that is not always realizable given the product quality is somewhat associated with the price, even for other industries. All you need to make sure is you will achieve a decent level of profitability by wholesaling wigs from that supplier after factoring in all other costs that your business operation usually incurs. So it is recommended that you set the prices you are going to sell the wigs for beforehand, then you will see if you can accept the offers from your wig supplier.

Moreover, we suggest you have a deep understanding of the return policy of your wig supplier as well. A decent wig supplier has a really well-rounded and reassuring return policy and product warranty. Putting them into effect conveys a message that they will be fully accountable for any problems resulting from their production works. And their clients will be free of any losses that would otherwise have happened. By doing so, they are also trying to imply that they are very sure about the quality of their products, and there will barely be any problems later that calls for their return policies and product warranty to be referred to.

Now you have gained an idea about what to look at when selecting a wig supplier. No matter who you are going to wholesale from, it always helps to be discreet and mindful of how things go, as many things are often unpredictable and do not surface after a while. Try to wholesale small amounts of wigs from your wig supplier initially and gradually escalate the order quantity as you become more convinced of their products and services.

Why Wholesale from New Times Hair

 As a world-leading wig supplier with ten years of experience in the hair wig industry, New Times Hair could be the best place that allows you to make a big difference in your hair wig business. Over the past decade, we have partnered with thousands of hair wig vendors of all kinds from more than 100 countries. They are mostly hair salons, online shops, hair system retailers, and distributors. There are many reasons why choosing New Times Hair as your wig supplier could be one of the wisest decisions you can make.

Superior Product Quality

At New Times Hair, we source our hair and base material from only the most reliable and outstanding suppliers in Europe and South Asia. Also, our hair wigs are handcrafted by a highly specialized manufacturing team consisting of more than 100 senior craftsmen. To ensure the superiority and consistency of our hair system quality, stringent quality inspection procedures are always put in place. 

Competitive Wholesale Prices

Since we have our own factories, all wholesale prices you are getting from us are factory-direct prices. You would not find such top-grade wig products for such generous prices elsewhere. The larger the quantity of your order, the lower the cost of each unit. In addition to giving you a large profit margin, we also want more and more people to be attracted to your prices to increase the sales volume of your business. And that is how you can maximize your total profit.

Professional Branding Support

At New Times Hair, we have a highly specialized branding team with a long experience assisting wig business owners in building up their own brands. You can count on us for things like product design, logo design, and packaging design. All the wigs you are getting from us can be privately labeled following your specific instructions to showcase your brand presence.

Dropshipping Service

As a wig supplier doing global business, we provide all our partners with a worldwide dropshipping service that is not limited by your customers’ geographical location at all. So all their orders placed from your business can be shipped to them directly to spare you the hassles. So you will not need to struggle with any problems resulting from demanding business budgets or unpredictable inventory demand.

30-Day Free Return Policy

As we know that you might be worried about certain risks associated with making online purchases from overseas, we have a very accommodating return policy that allows you to return the hair systems within 30 days of purchase in exchange for a replacement or refund. This means you will not make any purchases that you would later regret.

Value-For-Money Startup Packages

Some of you might have just started your businesses or are planning to start one. Then this is what you need to have a successful beginning. In addition, you will have the opportunity to have a free hair system from us, so you will know if we have the right things for your business in advance.

Exclusive Customization Service

As an effective means of product differentiation for our partners to stand out in the market, the exclusive customization service can be your secret weapon to keep winning new customers. With our help, all the details of their hair systems can be tailored according to their own needs. So it is never a dream for you to give your customers the hair systems they specifically wish for!

At New Times Hair, we are always looking forward to becoming your trusted long-term wig supplier. Once you find out what our products and services are like, you will have a more insightful idea of the best wig supplier.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing to start a new wig business journey filled with excitement and fruitfulness!

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