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Which watches do you wear on a regular basis (if any)? Do you collect watches on either a casual basis (“cute watch!”) or a serious basis (“this is where I spent my bonus”)? If you do have multiple watches, how do you choose which ones to wear? Have digital watches (or other digital technology) changed your relationship with watches?

There was a WSJ story about this recently(ish), mostly about men’s wristwatches habits — they’re getting more colorful! As the article (gift link) notes:

More guys are clocking the appeal of unobvious designs, according to Eric Macaire, executive director, global buying and merchandising, at British retailer Watches of Switzerland. Lately, he said, his customers are going for timepieces with pop-colored dials, innovative treatments (such as textural or laser finishes) and cases in less-typical materials such as bronze. 

With a little off-menu thinking, you too can avoid the usual suspects and find a ticker that stops short of weird, yet is just different enough to earn compliments. Such stylish conversation-starters can be found at all prices, from a few hundred bucks and up. You just need to know what to look for. 

Nice! But in my experience the whole world of watches (and people who care about them) is a very specific subgroup of old money and people who aspire to that sort of thing. It felt really fun discovering that world back in the day when I hemmed and hawed for years before deciding on a classic Cartier tank… which I now never wear because I prefer my Apple Watch.

(Also, there was an incident early on when one of my babies spat breastmilk on it, and… it suddenly seemed like a stupid thing to be wearing casually.)

So I’m curious — are watches status symbols to you? Are they a mode of expressing your personality so much that you swap them in and out for different occasions? Or are you more utilitarian with a basic Apple Watch or other wearable tech that tells the time? (Or are you anti-wrist watch altogether and just rely on your phone or computer screen?)

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