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Travel back in the Corporette time capsule… Here’s what was on our minds oh so many moons ago.

One year ago…

Summer Rainboots for Commuting

Do You Feel Pressure to Have a New Outfit Every Day?

5 Fresh Ways to Wear White Blazers

How Not to Gain Weight Over Summer Recruiting Season

Personal Money Snapshot: A Government Analyst Shares Her Thoughts on Building Savings, Wedding-Guest Expenses, and More

How Has the Pandemic Changed Your Thoughts on Retirement (If At All)?

Two years ago…

Where to Find Interview Suits if You’re Pregnant

Summer Associates and Interns, Oh My!

How to Ask Your Job Interviewer About Work-Life Balance

What Do You Plan or Prep in Advance?

What Are Your Savings & Investment Strategies Right Now?

Three years ago…

The Best Made-to-Measure Clothing for Women

How to Prepare for 1L Year

Communication Styles: Are You an Interrupter or a Cooperative Overlapper?

Tales from the Wallet: Personal Finance Advice for New Grads

How to Live a Low-Waste Lifestyle: Tips from Busy Corporette Readers

Four years ago…

Tips for Working Outside While Working from Home

How to Recession-Proof Your Job

Personal Money Snapshot: A Healthcare Attorney Shares Her Thoughts on Student Debt, Investments, and Living Below Your Means

6 Great Books on Productivity

Five years ago…

The Best Interview Attire for Different Types of Jobs

Personal Money Snapshot: A CPA Shares Thoughts on Her Side Gig and Saving for Retirement

Do You Eat the Same Food All the Time?

Kat’s Blogging Tips: The Lazy Guide to Social Media


The Mommy Effect: What It’s Really Like to Be a Working Mom

How Self-Aware Are You?

Workwear Inspiration from House of Cards: How to Get Claire Underwood’s Style

How to Make Your Sore Feet Feel Better

Six Great Board Games for Grown-Ups

How to Keep White Blouses White

How to Network When You’re Junior

How to Cool Down in a Hot Office

Difficult Coworkers: Temper Tantrums, Crying, and More

Tales from the Wallet: What to Do When You’re Facing “Frugal Fatigue”

12 Easy Updos for the Office

Where Did You Get That? How to Track Down a Mystery Piece of Clothing Without Asking


How to Schedule Appointments When You’re Very Busy

Promoting Your Friends Professionally

How to Deepen Your Voice

How to Use Friends of Friends in Your Job Hunt

Interviewing in Changed Circumstances


Dressing Professionally in Summertime

How to Dress if Your Top and Bottom Are Wildly Different Sizes

The Tomboy in the Suit

Does Long Hair Make You Look Younger?


10 Things You Should Know about a Business Lunch

How to Do Black Tie on a Budget

How to Date an Overachieving, Busy Person

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