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This original article was first published here: Is Your Phone a Fashion Accessory?

When you think about all the fashion accessories you own, you probably picture things like watches, jewellery, cufflinks, scarves, hats, and bags. These are some pretty staple accessories that most people own, but have you ever considered that your smartphone might also be a fashion accessory?

The definition of a fashion accessory is something that contributes to your outfit, completes your look, and expresses your individual personality. Technically, a smartphone can be included in that definition because it’s something that essentially becomes a visible part of your attire, whether you’re holding it or using it for some purpose. 

People will see your phone as part of your aesthetic 

Your unique fashion aesthetic can be influenced by your smartphone, which is often considered a status symbol by today’s standards. However, it’s the case that will complete your outfit. 

Phone cases come in a wide variety of designs and patterns, so there’s truly something for everyone. They’re also necessary. For example, if you’re buying the new iPhone 16, you need a durable case that will protect your device from shocks and drops. iPhones are expensive to replace and repair, even if you have insurance.

Whether you deck out your smartphone with a rugged case or with plenty of bling, it will become part of your personal style. Not all cases are fashionable according to current ideals, but a case doesn’t need to be trendy to go with your outfit. Sometimes the best cases are simply solid colors, like black, red, or white, and will go with anything. Sometimes plain is the best aesthetic. 

Novelty phones are a style of their own

Traditional phones get most of their flair from the case you choose, but novelty phones tend to have a distinct style that sets them apart, case or not. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 looks like your average full-sized smartphone but it folds in half. What’s interesting about this phone is that people wear it on a keychain hanging from their backpacks, bags, and belts to show it off as a fashion accessory. Other smartphones get tucked away in a pocket.

It’s not just because of the size, either. There are plenty of cute flip phones from the past that are smaller and nobody treated them as a fashion accessory – they got stuffed inside a pocket or bag. Perhaps it’s because the display screen is visible from the outside when folded and can be used to display background images that complement an outfit. It’s also possible to use the Z Fold phones without unfolding them, like managing a music playlist. 

Your phone case is a great opportunity for self-expression

Everyone has at least one friend with a memorable phone case that truly matches their personality. Certain people have a personal style that is so unique that you can’t help but think of them when you see certain styles. Eccentric people tend to have eccentric phone cases. People who prefer a more plain approach to style will gravitate toward solid colour cases or simple patterns and designs.

You can use your phone case as a form of self-expression without going to the extreme. For instance, some people like branded cases featuring their favourite cartoon characters, movie scenes, musicians, or memes. Other people sport 3-D cases with rhinestones, and some people love cases that are shaped like random animals or food items. No matter what style you’re going for, you can probably find a case to match. If not, it’s easy to create a custom case online through a print-on-demand company.

You can change your phone’s case anytime

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons your phone is a genuine fashion accessory is the fact that you can change it anytime. You have endless freedom to create a new look with each season if you want, like getting a Christmas-themed case around November and a Valentine’s Day case for February.

 The creative possibilities are endless. 

Fashion accessories are designed to support self-expression 

Almost everyone uses their clothes as a form of self-expression, whether they dress up in a fancy suit and tie or go more casual with t-shirts, polos, and jeans. It really doesn’t matter what your style is – self-expression is unique to each person. So, the next time you’re in the market for a phone case, try to find something that matches your preferred style. Even if other people don’t say anything, they’ll still notice and your phone case will become part of your personal brand.

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