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This original article was first published here: The Drake Curse in Sports Betting

Few tales are as captivating and curiously entertaining as the “Drake Curse.” This phenomenon has become part of modern sports culture, leaving a trail of bewildered athletes and stunned fans in its wake.

But what exactly is the Drake Curse, and why has it become such a talking point for gamblers and sports enthusiasts alike, especially those navigating the landscape of online gambling in the USA?

The Origins of the “Drake Curse”

Imagine being so influential that your support for a team or athlete could sway the outcome of their game.

Enter Drake, the Canadian rapper, singer, and global superstar whose passion for betting and supporting sports teams has sparked the infamous “Drake Curse.”

This term came to life as fans noticed a pattern: whenever Drake showed his support for a team or athlete, more often than not, they ended up losing, even against the odds.

From his early days as the Toronto Raptors’ global ambassador in 2013 to his recent high-stakes bets on, Drake’s intersection with the sports world has been nothing short of legendary.

His bets have ranged from supporting soccer teams like Manchester United to backing fighters in the UFC and even placing $1.15 million on the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVIII.

The Curse in Action

Drake’s affiliation with sports betting came to light vividly during the 2022 World Cup, where he placed a bet on Argentina to clinch the victory. The internet buzzed with speculation: would the “Drake Curse” jeopardize Lionel Messi’s dream?

The rapper’s history of betting misfortunes includes a string of losses, from high-profile boxing matches to UFC fights and even the NBA playoffs. In each instance where Drake showed his support, the dreaded curse seemed to strike, leading to unexpected defeats for the teams and athletes he backed.

The “Drake Curse” serves as a fascinating case study at the intersection of celebrity culture and sports betting. Whether you believe in the curse or see it as mere coincidence, it underscores the unpredictable nature of sports and gambling.

Breaking the Curse?

But here’s the twist: the “Drake Curse” might be losing its grip. The rapper’s recent victory with a 7-figure bet on the Chiefs in Super Bowl LVIII hints at a turning tide.

With the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl LVIII, Drake not only pocketed a cool profit but also sparked conversations about whether the curse has finally been lifted.

This win, coupled with previous successes like Tyson Fury’s knockout victory, suggests that the curse might not be as invincible as once thought.

Drake’s betting adventures extend beyond the realm of superstitions. His partnership with, a crypto-gambling company licensed in Curacao, highlights the rapper’s deep involvement in the gambling scene.

However, Drake’s betting adventures are not just about the curse. It’s a glimpse into the high-stakes world of celebrity betting. His collaboration with showcases the glamorous side of betting, with Drake often sharing his bets on social media, including a memorable $2 million spree in just two minutes.

It’s an important reminder to gamble responsibly, especially now when online platforms make it easier than ever to place bets at any time. Drake’s public display of massive bets, while entertaining, highlights the need for responsible gambling.

Despite concerns about promoting irresponsible gambling, Drake’s high-stake bets have captivated the online gambling community, showcasing the thrilling (and sometimes dangerous) nature of betting.

It’s important to remember that not all bets lead to wins, and gambling should be done within one’s entertainment budget.

A Beginner’s Guide to Safe and Legal Gambling

Here is a quick guide to gambling safely and legally in the USA for those who are interested in elevating their sports entertainment:

Choose Licensed Operators: Always opt for online casinos that are licensed and regulated in your local state to ensure fair play and the security of your funds.
Understand the Odds: Before placing bets, familiarize yourself with how odds work and the expected outcomes.
Set Limits: It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement. Set betting limits to ensure you’re gambling within your means.
Responsible Gambling: Be aware of the signs of problem gambling and utilize resources available for responsible gambling practices.

In the end, whether you’re betting on the next big game or just watching from the sidelines, sports and gambling always promise excitement and surprises if done in moderation, with the “Drake Curse” being just one of the many tales that keep us coming back for more.

Timeline of the “Drake Curse”:

2013: Drake’s affiliation with both the Kentucky Wildcats and Toronto Raptors has been longstanding, yet both teams have experienced notable failures or lack of championships correlating with his support​​.
2014: Drake released “Draft Day,” a song mentioning Johnny Manziel and Andrew Wiggins. Both athletes’ careers faced challenges following this, with Manziel dropping out of the NFL and Wiggins not living up to the high expectations despite a strong start.
2015: Drake is seen kissing Serena Williams, and shortly after, Williams lost a crucial match at the U.S. Open in 2015, ending her Grand Slam streak.
2016: Drake reportedly lost $60,000 betting on the Golden State Warriors during the NBA Finals, a series the Warriors lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers despite a record-breaking season​​.
2018: Conor McGregor, with Drake’s support, lost his UFC match against Khabib Nurmagomedov, further amplifying the curse’s notoriety​​.
2019: Drake publicly backed Alabama ahead of their College Football Playoff National Championship game against Clemson, which ended in a significant loss for Alabama​​.
2019: Attempting to acknowledge the curse, Drake wore a sweatshirt with the logos of all four NFL teams competing in the AFC and NFC Championship games, affecting teams like the New Orleans Saints, Los Angeles Rams, New England Patriots, and Kansas City Chiefs​​.
2019: The Toronto Maple Leafs became victims of the curse after losing to the Boston Bruins in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs​​.

It’s important to note that while the “Drake Curse” has become a part of sports and pop culture lore, it’s ingrained in coincidence and the high visibility of Drake’s interactions with sports teams and athletes.

Despite the curse, there have been instances where outcomes have not followed the expected pattern, such as Alphonso Davies and Bayern Munich’s success post-Drake support and Tyson Fury’s victory, suggesting the curse may not be as potent or consistent as it seems.​

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