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Folding clothes correctly is usually a great skill for saving space in your dresser or suitcase. It is also practical, convenient and looks good. There are many ways of folding T-shirts, but we will teach you one of them which will allow you to do it quickly and easily.

1. Carefully lay the T-shirt face down on a flat surface with enough room to fold it. You may use a table, bed or even the floor for the surface. Pull out the collar and hem to ensure the T-shirt lies as flat as possible.

2. Lay out the sleeves, so that they are not knotted and fold the T-shirt a third on both sides, then smooth them out, so that they are even. If the sleeves are long, you only need to fold them in half and continue using our instruction below.

Note: if you are folding a T-shirt with a print or a pocket on the front, make sure you place the T-shirt right side down for a nicer look when you finish.

3. Fold the T-shirt in half from the bottom up and make sure the sleeves remain tucked in. This way it will look like a short rectangle.

If you want to reduce the size of a T-shirt, fold it in half again, this way you can save even more space for other things.

Knowing these simple tricks will help you make a good use of the space in your suitcase, closet or dresser, as well as extend the life of your clothes.

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