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From the classic sophistication of the pointed collar to the timeless elegance of the spread collar, each option brings a distinct flair to men’s and women’s wardrobes alike. Exploring the diverse world of shirt collars unveils a fascinating array of choices, allowing you to express your personality and sartorial preferences with every neckline.

Wing Tip Collar

An exceptionally formal collar design crafted for pairing with a bow tie beneath a tuxedo blazer. It is characterized by a sturdy interlining, and its defining feature is the pointed tips gracefully angling downward in a wing-shaped manner.

Mao Collar

An upright, band-shaped collar devoid of traditional turndown or collar points. While designed for a tie-free look, it can exude a more formal appearance when coupled with a blazer.

Mini Point Collar

The mini point collar represents a shorter iteration of the classic point collar. It offers a modern aesthetic and complements elegantly with a slender, smaller tie knot.

Mini Button Down

The mini button-down collar introduces a modern and contemporary style. Similar to the classic button-down, its points are fastened with buttons. Primarily, this collar is most fitting for casual and informal settings.

Concealed Button Down Collar

The concealed button-down features discreet button loops beneath the collar points. This collar design is perfect for individuals seeking a polished look without a tie, ensuring a crisp appearance that maintains its structure when paired with a blazer.

Club Collar

The club collar’s design closely resembles the forward point, distinguished by its rounded collar points. Experiencing a significant comeback, it has become one of our most sought-after and popular styles.

Eyelet Holes Collar

The pinned collar mirrors the structure of a button-down collar, excluding the actual buttons. Instead, it features eyelet holes designed to accommodate a collar bar. This shirt is intended for wear specifically with a collar bar and a tie. We recommend pairing it with a four-in-hand or half Windsor knot for an optimal look.

Two Button Collar

A distinctive European two-button collar stands out as a modern collar ideally suited for contemporary style. The dual buttons contribute to an elevated collar height, imparting a regal and sophisticated aesthetic. This collar is meant to be worn exclusively buttoned and paired with a tie.

Italian Spread Collar

Longer point Italian collars can definitely be considered as a contemporary take on an Italian classic. This style pairs impeccably with a blazer, as the points elegantly tuck under the lapels, achieving a perfectly balanced spread.

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