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Welcome to The Glowdown, the series where we dive into the beauty secrets of our favourite celebrities as they get real about their routines and non-negotiables exclusively with us. Join them as they sit in our beauty hot seat and we fire off a round of quick questions, giving you never-before-shared insight into the products they can’t live without, their secrets to getting red carpet–ready, beauty pet peeves, and the genius tips they’ve picked up along the way. This is no-holds-barred beauty at its finest.

This month, we sat down with Adut Akech. The 24-year-old supermodel has walked for some of the biggest designers in the world, from Saint Laurent to Valentino, and starred in campaigns for the likes of Marc Jacobs, Victoria’s Secret and H&M. Most recently, she was announced as the face of Valentino Beauty. Ahead, the star fills us in on all of her beauty tips and tricks, her go-to products and how it feels to be an ambassador for one of the biggest beauty brands on the market…

1. Which makeup product gives you the biggest mood-boost?

I would say blush. Definitely blush.

2. If you could steal someone else’s makeup bag, whose would it be?

Oooh…If I could steal someone’s makeup bag, it would be Pat McGrath‘s.

3. You’ve got a spot. Are you team pop it, or team leave it alone?

Now, I’m team leave it alone. I still get tempted but I know now the consequences, so I don’t do it.

4. You only have one product to use for the rest of your life—what is it?

Mmm…I could live without foundation. I feel like it would have to be blush again. I was never a big blush girl, but all of a sudden I’m a big fan. I feel like it makes everything ten times better.

5. What’s the best piece of beauty advice that you have ever received?

Less is more.

6. It’s a bad hair day, what do you do?

Umm..for me, if I don’t have braids, I’m brushing my hair out into an afro.

7. What is your signature fragrance?

Born in Roma by Valentino. It depends what mood I’m in, but either the coral or the original pink.

8. Strong lip or a strong eye?

It’s hard. I feel like you could do either or, but if I had to choose, I would probably say a strong lip.

9. What excites you the most about being a Valentino Beauty ambassador? 

The most exciting part is this has always been a dream of mine, and to finally be living this dream is such an incredible ‘pinch me’ moment. It still doesn’t feel real from time to time, but I love that I get to be in this position to not only represent, but be the face that I never got to see growing up on makeup ads. This is such an incredible opportunity and this is my family for life. It started with a fragrance and now we’re here with the makeup. It’s amazing I get to be here for the start and hopefully this grows more and more and I’m here for a very long time because I don’t plan on going anywhere!

10. What is your beauty philosophy in a sentence?

Can I repeat something else I’ve said? Honestly, I would say less is more. Also, I was telling someone before that if your skin is not giving you any problems, do not cause it any problems. Leave it alone. If you don’t have a spot, leave it alone.

11. What is your favourite lipstick colour?

My favourite lipstick colour…I would probably say, again it’s one of those things, it depends. Depends on mood, depends on outfit. But I would opt for a nice, dark, cherry red or a yummy chocolate brown with some gloss on top.

12. Candles, reed diffusers or nothing at all?

Hmmm…I think lately I’ve become less of a fan of candles, so I would say diffusers.

13. What beauty product do you recommend to everyone?

Gosh I don’t want to give my beauty secrets away! Something that I swear by and have been using religiously is a Korean skincare product, a serum from Dr Jart. 

14. Are you team dewy or matte?

Again, depends. I would say dewy. I like my skin plump, hydrated and juicy.

15. The greatest drugstore product for under £10?

I do have a few drugstore favourites. I’m trying to think of what’s in my makeup bag. Do you know what I do love, and it’s a UK brand, Pixi. There is a toner that they have that I really, really like.

16. Your brows, in one word:

I would say, a beautiful mess. But obviously brows are not twins, they are sisters, and so they will never be identical!

17. You have to wear your hair crimped or blue eyeshadow for the rest of your life: Which do you choose?

Both sound really fun actually. I don’t know. Maybe the hair. But the blue eyeshadow sounds really fun.

18. Makeup primer: Love it or hate it?

I don’t use it religiously. But on some days, if I remember, I’ll use it. If I don’t remember, I don’t use it. It’s not a make or break for me.

19. Confession time—how often do you clean your makeup brushes?

Fun fact: I don’t own too many makeup brushes. I’m a Beauty Blender girl, and I use my hands. I do have one set of brushes, and I try to clean them whenever I use them.

20. What beauty rule do you always break?

Who doesn’t go to bed every once in a while with makeup on their face? I do it once in a blue moon but I try my absolute best not to. But I do break that rule. 

21. Which celebrity’s hair would you love to steal?

I am always obsessed with whatever hairstyle Rihanna has.

22. Which era of beauty inspires you most?

I mean, who doesn’t love 90s makeup? It will forever be my favourite era of makeup, but my generation and the makeup we are doing, it’s incredible. I love how artistic and creative everyone is getting, but 90s will forever be the best.

23. Eyelash curlers: love them or hate them?

I don’t use them often. I like them when somebody else does it but I can’t use them properly.

24. Best beauty hack?

I don’t know if they are really secrets, but I do love to do my own at-home DIY face mask from time to time, I started using some facial tools too like red light therapy. I use this skincare tool that’s Korean, it vibrates and is supposed to help penetrate the products deeper into your skin, so I use those two. I make my own hair mask from time to time too.

25. Do you have a favourite beauty product to use backstage?

A skincare product that I always put on my skin backstage is the Dr Jart cream. And then makeup…even if the look doesn’t include blush, I always beg the makeup artist to put on my favourite one. It’s Rare Beauty. 

26. We are loving your new bob, what made you decide to go for a shorter hairstyle?

I wanted to cut my hair because I needed a nice big healthy chop. I’ve been seeing everybody getting bobs and so I got inspired, and then also summer’s coming. I’m from Australia and our summer is now, so I was like yeah, why not? Something easy, it’s going to be out of my face, so yeah, that’s what inspired me. But I wanted to cut my hair for a nice healthy restart, and short hair just makes life easier honestly.

27. You’re having your nails done, what’s your go-to colour?

Oooh, “Put It In Neutral” by OPI. It’s the best nude for everyone.

Adut Akech is the face of Valentino’s latest fragrance, Born in Roma Green Stravaganza, which is available now.

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Main Image: @adutakech

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