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Here’s an easy question for today: what are your favorite earbuds or headphones for various activities? Which are the best headphones for talking on the phone, exercising, walking in the city, and more?

(I feel like “walking in the city” is a separate thing because there are often so many subway/sewer grates that are open, at least compared to if you’re walking out in the suburbs or on a trail… but maybe that’s me?)

For my $.02…

The Best Headphones for Various Activities

The Best Earbuds in General

My favorite headphones in general are an old AirPod set that I actually got for my husband (who is on calls all day long!), but he never used it, so now I have it and love it. I love the clarity of the sounds, the comfort in my ears, and the easy way they sync up with my iPhone.

I do like them for phone calls, but then I’m not on phone calls for work very often… but I don’t like them for city walking or more strenuous jogs/runs. (I think mine is second generation, which you can get at Target for $129 right now…)

(Of course, they do make “anti-lost” straps for AirPods…)

The Best Headphones for Working Out

My favorite headphones for working out are… well, I’m hunting! I know readers have sung the praises of Powerbeats Pro as well as SHOKZ Open-Ear Bone Conduction Sport Headphones before. (Pictured above on model — it has 23,000+ good ratings on Amazon, and is $129.)

The Best Affordable Over-Ear Headphones

My favorite puttering-around-the-house headphones are an over-ear, bluetooth style that I got for one of my kiddos — he didn’t like it, so I’ve been using it, and for $30ish it’s great — connects easily, clear enough. I mostly use it for when I’m cleaning or organizing, but it’s also come in handy on a few city walks. (I’m sure the clarity and sound is MUCH better on those Bose headphones everyone always swears by — but for my purposes of listening to an audiobook or some light background music, they’re fine.)

Readers, what are your favorite headphones for various activities? What do you wear for working out, making important phone calls, exploring, and more?

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