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We’re only a couple of weeks into 2024 and already we’ve seen the rise of the “mob wife” aesthetic, the “Birkin mom” trend and the unexpected return of the peddle pusher—is it me, or are trends suddenly moving faster than they used to? Often, buzzy pieces pop up on the underground circuit, earning their stripes as an It buy through word of mouth, and becoming fully fledged trends through exposure. But there are some pieces so established they cannot be considered “trends“. Certain buys are such classics that at any given time, in any given place, you will spot them somewhere, signalling that the wearer is someone with undeniably good taste. 

Take for example the trench coat you’ll dig out of your wardrobe whenever you need a light layer, the perfectly tailored trousers that go with every top in your rotation, or the flat shoe you can rely for everyday wear. We all depend so much on these reliable staples that often they’re not given their dues, but given that these wardrobe foundations really are the backbone of any well-curated capsule, it’s time they had their turn in the limelight. 

If you’ve scrolled through social media lately and felt like you’ve had enough of viral trends and meme-able looks, it’s time for a palette cleanser. I’ve rounded up the pieces that I’m convinced will work the hardest in your 2024 wardrobe and beyond, and the chances are, you’ll already own at least one of them. No big red boots, no leg warmers, and no low-slung jeans. You might spot these 7 “anti-trend” buys enjoying a revival on the runways, but you certainly won’t regret wearing them long into 2025 too. 

Style Notes: It isn’t hard to believe that a brand like The Row would start its journey as a mission to create the perfect white tee. Such is the power of a well crafted basic, and we have all hunted high and low for a t-shirt, tank top or longsleeve to go under a jacket or throw on with jeans that does the job and looks smart while doing it. Those bright coloured tops or printed blouses that shine on the hanger still have their moments, but they’re often the first things to go in a wardrobe clear out. Instead, we’re shopping smarter not harder in 2024, and stocking up on good layering pieces is always a wise investment. 

Style Notes: If there’s one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that finding the “perfect” pair of jeans comes with a lot of trial and error, but if there’s another thing we all have in common, it’s that we all rely on (at least) one pair of blue jeans. There’s just something about a leg-lengthening pair of straight, mid-blue-washed jeans that makes every outfit better. Getting ready in 5 minutes? It’s jeans and a tee. Dressing up for evening? There’s a reason that the phrase “jeans and a nice top” is a part of our collective consciousness. Black denim might be its dressier sister, and grey denim is having a moment, but if you’re looking for denim that will last for years to come, it has to be a true blue. 

Style Notes: Tights, knee-highs and sensible socks, suddenly covering up has never been so chic, and fortunately for us this easy styling hack is as practical as it is polished. Until summer hits it’s likely we’ll be treated to everything the Great British weather has to throw at us, so instead of a bare-leg or a chilly sandal, why not add an opaque tight or a wool sock? Controversial for some, a staple for others, but its the cheapest way to elevate a simple outfit to runway levels, especially when worn with boxy tailoring and a mid-length skirt.

Style Notes: Every once in a while the runway may try and have us believe that we’re going to be enticed by the idea of boob-skimming cropped jackets, but when is the last time anyone ever wanted a coat that kept their shoulders warm but left out their midriff? Long, sweeping coats have been the fashion person’s outerwear of choice ever since they first sashayed into stores, and no matter what you’re wearing underneath, these statement coats are the whole outfit. Just ask Jennifer Lawrence, Katie Holmes, and Alexa Chung.

Style Notes: Sure, we’re all familiar with the LBD, but now its time to discuss what I am convinced is it’s far superior counterpart—the long white dress. Unlike a black mini, this chic number drifts effortlessly between day and night wear, and as soon as the temperatures rise it becomes a key player in our seasonal wardrobes. Okay, you might not be able to wear it to a wedding, but nothing quite beats the feeling of stepping into a clean, all-white, instant outfit (quiet luxury, eat your heart out). Confident, commanding, and comfortable in equal measures. 

Style Notes: Although we have technically declared top handle bags an official handbag “trend” for 2024, you’ll being seeing them everywhere for the foreseeable. Celebrities and street style stars are choosing these ladylike, polished bags over slouchy hobos and slung on shoulder bags, and although no two top handles are the same, there’s something quaint about the sophisticated silhouette, tucked under an arm or held elegantly at knee level. The best part? Some even come with a detachable chain so you can transform it into a functional crossbody at a moments notice. 

Style Notes: And now to one of the most criminally underrated colours in the spectrum—rich burgundy, and I use the term “rich” specifically to highlight just how expensive this colour makes everything look. Worn head-to-toe or even just as an accessory, this shade of deep merlot will take you to new heights of luxury (even if you haven’t spent four figures). While we all enjoyed Barbie pink for a summer and hot reds over Christmas, burgundy is one of the few colours you won’t see in your wardrobe in a years time and think “what was I thinking?”. In fact, you’ll be happy to wear it time and time again. 

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