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Dopamine dressing isn’t going anywhere, because goodness knows we all need a pick-me-up right now. And where better to start than with your own wardrobe? When it comes to autumn/winter trends, it’s often the time when we amp up the sparkles and brighten our outfits with bold colour.

This autumn is no different, the saying “more is more” is here to stay. But how does one actually pull off head-to-toe colour? Look no further! With over 18 years of experience as a fashion editor and stylist, I know a thing or two about putting outfits together. 

When trying out a new colour, I often say to go for an accessory first. A jolt of colour from a bright scarf, a pair of earrings or a flash of a bold pair of ankle boots can ease you into a more vibrant way of dressing. Second, using neutral tones in your outfit will always help to bring the look together if 100% saturation doesn’t feel right for you. Last, if you want to try more than one shade and are a fan of colour clashing, try combining shades from opposite sides of the colour wheel. Think forest green and purple, blue and orange, and so on. Overall, as with all things fashion, I urge you to have fun with it—there are some pointers but no real rules if it brings joy. Wear what makes you feel good, and if that means wearing a rainbow, just do it. Keep scrolling to see how I’d recommend you wear colour head to toe.

This season, I’ll be wearing citrus shades like tangerine and zesty green but also lots of head-to-toe black and winter white. Think coats, matchy-matchy tailoring and oversized sweater dresses in a bold colour for a simple way to embrace colour. If you’re more of a wallflower when it comes to colour and appreciate neutral shades then I have you covered too. I’ve found six fail-safe colour combinations you will want to try. Scroll on for inspo—you can thank me later. 

We adore the way that Zeena experiments with colour. Take a leaf out of her book, and try shades that sit next to each other on the colour wheel. It’s a fail-safe way to try injecting colour into your wardrobe. Black accessories anchor the whole look and pull it together. 

Style Notes: Anne-Victoire Lefevre never gets it wrong. We love how she has toughened up this vibrant green top with a cool-toned skirt and grey loafers.

Style Notes: So simple but oh so cool. Great for modest dressers, this oversized knit screams comfy and chic. Not into boxy silhouettes? This drape will be your best friend.

Style Notes: Wearing colour head to toe doesn’t have to be loud. We love this pared-back approach in bottle green. It feels very autumnal and elegant. Match your bag to your tailoring for a new spin.

Style Notes: We love what Monikh Dale has done here with her soft combination of colours. For a subtler look, this should be on your radar—the key here is how she has stuck to colours that are similar tones, so both pastel in this case. Finish with lashings of gold jewellery, and you’re good to go.

Style Notes: Note how oversized the blazer is on Renia of @venswifestyle. Achieve a similar look by sizing up in the blazer. The main tip to take away from this tailoring look is to buy a complete suit from the same place. It will always look more high-end than mixing and matching two different fabrics.

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