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I am a firm believe that every nail polish collection deserves a variety of nudes. There is nothing more classic than neutral nails, and whenever I think of nude nail polish, it’s that shade which is considered as ever so subtle and sometimes barely noticeable.

It’s classy, elegant and expensive-looking, and I’m personally a huge fan of nude as it compliments every skin tone, and it gives what it needs to give! We have seen a rise in the clean girl aesthetic look over the last few years, so what better time to wear your nude nail polish with confidence. Nudes are set to dominate the nail space over brights and bolds this year, so get ready to see it everywhere from on your colleague at work to your favourite influencers. 

If you’re considering going nude this season, remember to take into consideration your skin tone to find that right shade. To help, I decided to reach out to Lucy Tucker, Speedy Celebrity Nail Technician to get an expert advice on how to choose the most flattering shade of nude for different complexions. “I apply 2 coats of the sheer pink/nude colour but the last few years I’ve switched to only applying one coat for that glossy ‘nearly there’ chic nail look. I tend to use more pinky nudes on olive skin and creamy nudes on paler skin. As browny nude colours suite my clients with a darker skin tone”.

Are you in the pursuit of the minimalistic, undefeated elegant look? Well you’ve come to the right place. We promise you will not be disappointed.

We’re loving how pretty and clean this looks.

I am obsessed with how this shade of nude compliments the gold rings. Just perfection!

Talk about this shade elongating the fingers and that high finish! Oh yes please.

The almond shape, and the colour, need we say more…

A darker hue of nude and the gold jewellery; this is the pair we never knew we needed.

If you’re feeling fancy, why not try acrylics to give your natural nails a break. How fab does this dark nude and brown look! This will look great on every skin tone. 

Nail Inc stays undefeated when it comes to the prettiest nude colours, infused with nourishing Ahas which has great skincare benefits for our nails! We are obsessed, so what are you waiting for?

A gorgeous brown nude option for everyone

The sensational light and warm caramel cream tone which is giving a dose of luxury and I love the plumping finish. What’s not to love!

“I’ve been on a pursuit for the perfect nude nail colour and finally landed on O.P.I’s Bubble Bath. The sheer pink shade looks amazing on my dark skin, giving it the perfect my nails but better effect we all yearn for”, Joy Ejaria, Social Media Editor

Super glossy, giving ultra shiny nails. We are invested!

“This is my favourite nude polish. OPI describes it was a “sweet coffee cream” shade, which I’d say is pretty accurate. It’s the perfect nude for my fair skin because it has more of a neutral undertone rather than being too pinky, which I find brings a bit more life to my hands and counteracts the redness. It’s also nicely opaque, so two coats gives great coverage without any streaks”, Georgia Seago, Copy Editor

Oozing glamour and opulence and if you want a nude tint for a special occasion, look no further.

“I know this is more of a clear rather than a nude polish, but it deserves a shout out because it’s so good. When I want my nails to look simple, clean and pared-back, I focus on prepping them well (cuticle care is key) before applying two coats of this straight onto the nails. It has a translucent blush tone which sort of lightly tints the nails and revives their natural colour, making them look healthy, bright and shiny. And you don’t have to worry about chipping or peeling—a massive bonus”., Georgia Seago, Copy Editor

“My ultimate favourite is Essie’s Ballet Slippers. It’s a pale nude with a subtle pink hue that goes with my skin tone perfectly. If they ever discontinued it, I’d be heartbroken! When I don’t opt for that I choose OPI’s Funny Bunny. It’s not quite a nude as it has a whiter base, but is just as gorgeous”,  Poppy Nash, Managing Editor

“Every time I use this, people always compliment me on healthy my nails look—the shine is unbeatable, the formula quick-drying and the overall effect professional-looking. So much so, it has encouraged me to stick to my month on/month off shellac routine”, Maxine Eggenberger, Deputy Editor. Next Up: Calling It—These 5 Pretty Nail Colours Will Define 2024

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