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As a beauty editor, I am lucky enough to be able to try lots of the latest product launches and get my hands on some of the most sought-after skincare, haircare and makeup in the industry. You’d think being around beauty products all day would mean I’d never want to buy anything for myself, but that’s where you’d be wrong. In fact, since working in the industry, my love for beauty has continued to grow, and it’s safe to say that my wishlist is getting a little bit out of hand. In a bid to be more of a minimalist this year, I’ve cleared out my current beauty stash and only kept things that I know I love. However, there are still a few things I’d like to get my hands on, so I thought it was only right to share my current wishlist with you.

This January I have fully entered my health and wellness era. After a December full of coughs and colds, I’ve decided that enough is enough, and I really want to start taking care of my wellbeing. Because of that, my current wishlist is full of relaxing bath oils, supplements, massage tools and more to try and improve my self-care routines. If you’re on a similar journey this year, then I highly recommend that you keep on scrolling to shop some of my top picks. It goes without saying that I definitely won’t be treating myself to everything on this list, but I might have to invest in one or two products once pay day rolls around…

First thing on my agenda? Up my bodycare routine. As soon as I saw this new product from Nécessaire, I knew I had to try it. After seeing what a difference retinol has made to my skin, I’m definitely intrigued to see what this might do. Alongside 0.1% pure retinol, the formula contains 10% AHAs and vitamin c, to help smooth, hydrate and diminish bumps. 

I believe that your environment can have a big impact on how you feel day to day, which is why I want to make my home as uplifting as possible. This wellbeing pod from Neom enhances your space by releasing a fragrance mist of your choice, and I’ll be opting for the brand’s de-stress essential oil blend with lavender and jasmine. 

I love having baths during these colder months, and one sniff of this new bath oil from Susanne Kaufmann had me running to checkout. It has the most calming aroma thanks to lavender, thyme and rosemary essential oils, and it works to relax the muscles and leave your skin feeling silky soft.

Is anyone else’s complexion looking super dull this January? My skin has definitely seen better days, but I’m hoping that this vitamin c cleanser from Temple Spa will bring it back to life with its hydrating, radiance-boosting formula.

Something I am keen to try this year is a collagen supplement. I’ve heard so many good things about Vida Glow, and the chic packaging and mixed berry flavour has definitely sold me on these collagen sachets. 

I feel like everyone talks about IPL devices in the summer months, but in order to get ahead, the best time to invest in one of these is now. I’ve been thinking about treating myself to this sleek Foreo device for a while as it looks so easy to use and promises a noticeable difference in just two weeks. 

I’m on the go a lot these days, and when I’m running around I can often feel quite stressed. Luckily for me, Rare Beauty have launched this clever aromatherapy pen, which contains a blend of scented oils including peppermint and lavender, to help bring a sense of calm wherever you are.

I love making my home look nice in January, as I tend to stay in a lot more. To me, nothing looks chicer than a Aesop hand wash and hand balm displayed on the kitchen or bathroom sink, and the Resurrection scent is my personal favourite.

Speaking of cosy, I love treating myself to a new, warm and comforting perfume at the start of the year, and Tom Ford’s Vanilla Sex sounds like my kind of scent. Think notes of vanilla, sandalwood and almond essence.

In a bid to feel more relaxed, I’m going to be giving FaceGym’s weighted ball a go. This clever tool is designed to relax the facial muscles and depuff the skin when used with the brand’s lymphatic drainage moves.

Last year I really focused on my hair health, and I plan on continuing this in the new year. Ouai has been one of my go-to brands, and the new hair gloss is definitely on my wishlist. Infused with lots of nourishing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and rice water, the in-shower treatment works to repair and give a healthy-looking, shiny finish.

Now that I’ve got my hair routine down, I want to start focusing on my nails. After years of gel manicures, they are looking (and feeling) very weak, so I plan to give them a break this January and apply lots of nourishing cuticle oils.

To make the dark nights feel a little more luxurious, I really want to get my hands on a Diptyque candle. Not only do they look beautiful, but they smell amazing, and this Ambre scent is so cosy.

Although I don’t tend to go out much in January, I have got a couple of events coming up in February and March, and I’ve been on the hunt for a new eyeshadow. This limited edition palette from Charlotte Tilbury has all the shades I’ve been after, so I know I will get lots of use out of it. Next up, If You’re After a Fresh and Clean-Scented Perfume for January, I Just Found 15

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