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Looking classic has always been appealing but never before has timeless style been so covetable. We’ve motored through the age of quiet luxury and yet, even as we find ourselves at a time of reset, its hold on fashion remains present. I know that the only thing my friends are currently interested in is making their outfits look more polished and dressing themselves in a trend-proof manner. As such, they’ve recently been asking me how best to begin investing in luxury pieces. 

The mere thought of adding luxury touches to your wardrobe is a privilege, let alone following through on the action, so this isn’t advice I dish out lightly. A luxury purchase—neigh, any purchase—should be made with the utmost consideration and cash only exchanged when you’ve come to the conclusion that, yes, you will get the wear of it for years to come. I’ve given the items I’d suggest adding to a luxury capsule wardrobe some serious contemplation. Below are my recommendations. 

From cashmere knits you can snap up on the high street for that premium touch to iconic designer pieces that I could only dream of owning myself, scroll on to see the 13 items that, together, make for a glorious, anti-trend luxury capsule wardrobe. 

Style Notes: When it comes to outerwear, pure wool iterations will not only keep you toasty, but they’re also one of the easiest fabrications to maintain. Keep a wool brush or de-bobbler to hand and it’ll look the luxury part for years to come. 

Style Notes: When it comes to finishing your outfits, a simple handbag will always stand you in good stead. Keep adornments to a minimum to ensure their versatility. 

Style Notes: A high-end watch isn’t a purchase one makes every day but, if you are in the position to invest in one, then rest assured it will elevate your outfits for a lifetime. 

Style Notes: A key way of looking put together is having great-fitting clothes. Whether to choose to splash on labels or not, consider tailoring or at least trying on as many size options as possible to find the perfect option for you. Apply this logic to everything—from dresses to jeans—and your outfits will look more luxury by default. 

Style Notes: If there’s one word I always associate with luxury, it’s “cashmere”. And right now is the ideal time to invest in some, as the high-street is full of chic cashmere knits. 

Style Notes: Silk is one of the most luxurious fabrics on the market, and, if you ask me, the easiest way to integrate it into your wardrobe is by way of a versatile shirt. 

Style Notes: If you live for fashion then chances are you already own a designer wallet. Where logo-adorned bags can sometimes feel a touch in your face, there’s something about obviously designer card holders and pouches that screams luxury (in a good way). 

Style Notes: Layered over a basic tee or one of the silk shirts above, a loosely tailored blazer will add instant polish to any look, thus earning its place in any luxury capsule wardrobe. 

Style Notes: If you want to make your outfits look more expensive, a pair of tailored trousers will do just that. Proof that “luxury” and spending a lot don’t always have to correlate with one another. 

Style Notes: When it comes to shoes, heels can have the power to make your ensembles look more high-end but only if you choose the right pair. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with slingbacks at any budget. 

Style Notes: Another fabrication that always looks luxe? Suede. And right now, suede tote bags are a hot-ticket item amongst the style set, with The Row’s Margaux style proving one of the most covetable. I’m also taken with Reformation’s Vittoria bag in chocolate brown. 

Style Notes: I know it might sound like a cliché but, for its ability to adapt to any style situation and, let’s face it, its eternal appeal, if you’re going to invest in any dress at a luxury price point, it’s got to be the little black dress. 

Style Notes: Of all the flat shoes, I think loafers loan themselves best to the luxury aesthetic. Look for styles with a point of difference, be it a designer logo or elegant gold metal hardware. 

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