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Ask any true fashion girl for a list of their most prized possessions and nine times out of ten, one item on said list will be a pair of perfect 501 Levi’s jeans. Maybe they were scored at a flea market in Paris or an IYKYK online vintage shop, or perhaps, they were bought new and personally worn in until they were stretched and softened to perfection. No matter where they were sourced or what form they were in when they were purchased, Levi’s will always become a cherished and frequently-worn wardrobe item, more so even than any pair of expensive, designer jeans. 

For proof, see Sofia Richie Grainge’s latest denim-clad outfit, which she posted to her Instagram on New Year’s Eve. The newlywed who’s recent wedding looks were all custom Chanel could have any pair of jeans she wanted, and yet, she chose ones that cost just £70 on sale. That’s the power that Levi’s 501 jeans hold over the fashion crowd. We’re all smitten (and not fighting it either). With her oversize pair of light-wash 501s, Richie Grainge added a white Khaite tee and Bottega Veneta’s celeb-favourite Andiamo bag in a soft shade of butter yellow. 

Below, see what all the hype’s about by shopping some of the best, most lauded Levi’s available today. Or if you’re already a loyal fan, double up on your favourite pairs. After all, there’s no such thing as too much denim, especially when Levi’s jeans are involved.

On Sofia Richie Grainge: Khaite Mae Cotton T-Shirt (£250); Levi’s 501 Jeans (£70); Bottega Veneta Andiamo Medium Intrecciato Leather Tote (£3500)

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