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As a beauty editor, I’m well aware that at times the beauty industry can be a little overwhelming. Even as a beauty expert, it can be a struggle to separate the fad from the fabulous when it comes to products, and debunk what will work for you and not just for others. Especially now, with so many cutting-edge products, new innovative ingredients and emerging brands that promise to transform your skin, it can be impossible to wade through what’s actually worth the investment for you. 

So when I heard about BEAUTY PIE’s Skin Quiz, which asks you a few questions and then suggests the best products for your skin and its concerns, I was immediately interested. In case you’re unaware of BEAUTY PIE and its unique business model, let me explain. It’s a membership in which you pay a monthly fee in return for discounts on groundbreaking products. Working with leading cosmetic scientists around the world, its award-winning skincare is thoroughly researched and innovative and is only available on the BEAUTY PIE site. Because the brand cuts out third-party costs (from working with other retailers, celebrity endorsements, etc.), it is able to offer premium products at a fraction of the usual cost.  

But back to the quiz. Recently introduced by the brand to help educate its customers on the absolute best products for their specific skin concerns and lifestyle, it’s super quick to take and the results are so interesting. Whether you’re a beauty novice wanting a low-maintenance routine or an expert with a 12-step, twice-daily ritual, the recommendations are insightful and tailored to you, and are delivered to your email for future reference. It’s no secret that Who What Wear UK is big into BEAUTY PIE, and this doesn’t just apply to our beauty editors, but everyone on the team.

Personally, I love the cool, contemporary packaging and the fact that no product has had a better impact on my acne than its Youthbomb Retinol Serum (you can read me raving about it here). For others, the appeal is of course great products at an incredibly affordable price point. In light of our shared love, I asked two other editors to do the quiz and share their results. We then collectively trialled the recommended products to see how they impacted our skin. 

“I’m now in my late twenties, and as a beauty editor, you could say that my routine is naturally high maintenance. My skin can be oily, so I’m prone to hormonal breakouts that leave behind stubborn hyperpigmentation and I sometimes experience sensitivity and dehydration too. So amongst the active ingredients in my skincare routine, I like hydrating products that are gentle and skin-replenishing to keep my sometimes-sensitive skin balanced.

“My skin’s needs change seasonally, so I was intrigued to see what the quiz results would recommend for me right now. At the moment, I’m contending with some post-breakout hyperpigmentation, so I was recommended both Dr Glycolic Pore-Purifying Glycolic Acid Toner and Superdose Vitamin C C-Suite Rapid Action Brightener for my routine. Dr Glycolic Toner is a powerhouse product that brightens and exfoliates, whilst Superdose C-Suite has become my new favourite for unlocking unparalleled levels of glow for my skin. Since using them both, my skin has never looked more even-toned, radiant breakout-free.”

“To take the day off, I’ve been enjoying using Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser, which has a gel-to-oil-to-milk texture and leaves my combination skin feeling gently cleansed and balanced. I’m already a huge fan of Triple Hyaluronic Acid Serum, so I was excited to try both Elastic Lifting Eye Cream and Deep Moisture Miracle Cream in the range to hydrate, soothe and plump the dehydration lines I’m sometimes prone to during winter. My skin is already feeling much more hydrated and plump from using these, and I can feel that my face is benefiting from the additional hydration now it’s getting colder.

“Finally, Super Healthy Skin UVA/UVB Featherlight SPF 50 has been a game-changer. Everyone can benefit from wearing an SPF every day, but in particular, those with hyperpigmentation (like myself) should shield their skin to prevent it from creeping back and undoing all of the hard work in the rest of your routine. This one lives up to its name—it truly is a lightweight SPF that you don’t feel on your skin. It doesn’t leave a white cast, and I love that it also primes my skin for makeup, too.”

— Eleanor Vousden, Beauty Editor

“I’ve always been incredibly fortunate to have good skin with very little effort, but after having a baby four years ago, the clarity, evenness and reliable glow I once used to take for granted have become increasingly difficult to find again. Because of my lack of skincare struggles in my earlier years, I often feel ill-equipped to know which route to take, which ingredients to try and which new products to take a punt on, which is why I was so intrigued to do BEAUTY PIE’s Skincare Quiz. As a brand that I know my entire team rates highly and sees as incredibly efficacious and well-priced for the quality, I knew this would lead me to some fantastic new discoveries and an easy-yet-impactful routine.

“I juggle a (pretty full-on!) full-time job with a very full-on child. Combined with the fact I get a lot less sleep than I used to and my that my hormones are probably different these days, there’s simply no denying that the past few years have taken their toll on my skin. I have very little time to spend on myself, but I want to start targeting a few areas where I feel my skin could look healthier and more like it used to. I’m pro-ageing and I think it’s an absolute privilege to get older, but I’d also like to do it gracefully and in my own time without using anything too powerful or harsh, as I have relatively sensitive skin.”

“The selection of products that were recommended for me tick my boxes of not being overly rich, fragranced or gimmicky (anything like that is an instant breakout-maker for me). Youthbomb moisturiser is gentle enough for all ages and skin types and is great to use as a super-hydrating evening hydrator. The gentle Super Retinol eye cream feels like the perfect entry product for someone who is still new to retinoids, whilst Jeju Cleanser is the kind of skin-friendly cleansing milk that I’m absolutely convinced suits everyone—it did a great job of cleansing my skin without stripping it or leaving it feeling dry.

“In addition, BEAUTY PIE’s Super Healthy Skin Ultralight SPF comes with the extra bonus of hyaluronic acid, providing that extra hit of hydration my skin desperately needs in the depths of winter, and Super Healthy Skin Moisturiser layers beautifully under it by day to boost radiance. Since introducing it, I can see that my skin looks noticeably plumper, more glowy and a lot more hydrated—something that really helps to blur those fine lines that can crop up due to dehydration.” 

 — Hannah Almassi, editor-in-chief

My journey to “good skin” has been a marathon. It’s one I’ve been on for as long as I can remember, and it’s only in recent years that I’ve found myself at a place where I’m content with the skin I have. But it’s certainly not perfect to me. My main issue has always been mild acne, and whilst my face may occasionally be free of cystic spots, there will always be scarring and dark spots from years of hormonal breakouts. My skin is also on the dry side, which is always worse at this time of year due to the change in temperature.

“I knew when taking the BEAUTY PIE Skincare Quiz that my results would suggest a retinoid, as it’s such a hard-working, results-driven ingredient with a multitude of success stories from fellow acne sufferers. What’s brilliant about retinol—if you don’t already know of its wondrous capabilities—is that it helps not only acne, but also signs of ageing. Which is great, because at 31 it goes without saying that I’m starting to see some fine lines around my eyes and forehead. I’ve always been one to embrace age and have never been that interested injectables, but that doesn’t mean I’m not delighted to hear when a product has the capability to boost radiance and reduce lines.”

“The quiz results suggested Super Healthy Skin Gentle Foamy Face Wash, which I introduced every evening as a second cleanse and occasionally in the morning as a simple yet effective wash when I felt I needed more than just water. To tackle my acne and acne scarring, I began to implement Superdrops Brightening Niacinamide as well as Super Retinol Night Cream into my evening routine. Because Super Retinol also contains vitamin C (which shouldn’t be applied at the same time as niacinamide), I was sure to use these on alternating nights. It’s also worth mentioning that because I’ve been using retinol for over a year, my skin was able to handle Super Retinol’s formula two to three times per week, but if you’re new to it, it’s best to slowly introduce to your regime (just once a week to begin with, and then slowly build up to three times per week if there’s no reaction). Even within a week, I noticed my scarring had faded slightly, and my skin tone was more balanced. 

“As my skin always feels tight with dehydration, especially when using retinol, I love the added injection of moisture from using a combination of Triple Hyaluronic Acid and Super Healthy Skin Daily Moisturiser. I’ve been using them together both morning and evening, along with Super Healthy Skin Featherlight SPF in the mornings (an SPF is vital every day, but especially the morning after you’ve used retinol). I love this product not only for the protection it gives me against the sun all year round but also because it’s a gorgeous primer, allowing my foundation to glide onto my face. As it turns out, another product that also makes a great primer is Plantastic Genius Ginseng Eye Cream. I wouldn’t necessarily have thought to use a product like this if it wasn’t for my quiz results, but it’s been great at targeting my tired and puffy morning eyes and has helped give some added moisture to my eye area ahead of makeup application.”

 — Rebecca Rhys-Evans, branded content editor

Want to try the BEAUTY PIE Skincare Quiz for yourself? Check it out here

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