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If you have dry skin then you’ll know the challenges that come with choosing a decent foundation. Naturally, it’s likely that your skin will already be lacking the hydration levels required for a plump, juicy-looking complexion, but external factors like extreme temperatures, harsh weathers, UV exposure and pollution can further contribute to the way your skin looks and feels. Tightness, irritable patches, and a flaky texture does not make for the ideal canvas for applying makeup in general—and the wrong foundation can often highlight these things.

To help your foundation look its best, Fashion and Celebrity Makeup Artist Gilbert Soliz advises that using the right skincare first can help. “Prep the skin using both moisturiser and an oil,” Soliz suggests. “This combination leaves the skin super hydrated and, more importantly, it softens the surface allowing for the foundation to blend seamlessly on the skin.”

There’s no denying that skincare is the most important factor in helping dry skin to look and feel more hydrated, radiant and smooth, and to provide the best canvas for your foundation. Applying a rich but nourishing moisturiser after cleansing to seal and protect the skin is vitally important—something like the 111Skin Repair Night Cream is perfect—and seeking out ingredients like hyaluronic acid will ensure that your skin is plump and hydrated before you apply your makeup.

We’ll be honest though, whether or not your skincare is taken care of, finding the right foundation for dry skin can be a serious game changer—and the formulations ahead tick all of the boxes. Whether you prefer a lightweight tinted moisturiser or a full coverage finish, these foundations will leave skin looking fresh and bright, with no dry patches in sight.

Infused with skin-brightening ingredients to minimise dark spots and even tone, this foundation is the perfect fusion between skincare and makeup—and is as efficacious as you’d expect from Perricone MD. It’s natural yet long-lasting, and wonderfully hydrating. The finish is dewy and fresh—perfect for everyday wear—and the addition of SPF 20 protection is an added bonus too.

This foundation is a cult product for a reason—it delivers a natural, radiant and buildable finish with a trademark glow. While I genuinely think that all skin types would enjoy using this foundation, Sheer Glow is a best-seller among those that suffer with dry skin thanks to the way that it imparts instant brightness and smooths the skin’s texture.

MAC’s Face and Body Face and Body Foundation is cult for many reason—it’s long-wearing, which means minimal touch-ups, but the key ingredients are also ideal for dry skin. Alongside conditioning agents, there are protective antioxidants and emollients to prevent the lightweight formula from drying or caking on the skin. It has a beautiful satin finish that is sheer, but can definitely be layered up for a more medium to full coverage. However you choose to wear it, it always looks seamless.

Putting the gorgeous rich and velvety finish aside, the formula of this Dior foundation must have been made with dry skin types in mind. It contains pansy extract, which is known for its hydrating properties, alongside  protective rose hip extract and pigments that adapt to the skin tone of each wearer. Not only does it look after dry skin, but it makes it look incredible while doing so.

Although this foundation is totally oil-free, the formula still works really well on dry skin. It’s infused with micro-pearls which almost melt into skin to deliver both luminosity and a velvety softness. Plus, it has a soft-focus finish which blurs over uneven texture, fine lines and dry patches to deliver a creamy, cake-free finish that looks so natural on the skin. A brilliant all-rounder.

Available in 30 shades, this foundation has it all covered. A long-lasting formula that induces natural luminosity while delivering high quality ingredients to bridge the gap between skincare and makeup. Softening, smoothing and enhancing the complexion, this foundation is an all-round pleasure to use on dry skin.

For those that prefer a lighter coverage, this tinted moisturiser is the perfect option. It’s a hydrating gel-cream that quenches dehydrated skin without weighing it down to deliver a naturally radiant finish along with sun protection in the form of SPF 30. Although, typically, mineral foundations are not usually recommended for dry skin types as they can cause irritation, this foundation is also infused with natural ingredients like marine botanicals and mineral electrolytes to protect the skin and ease irritation.

This has all of the skincare benefits of a CC cream, but with all the coverage of a full foundation. What really sets it apart from others on the market are the ingredients—a hardworking blend of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamins, peptides and collagen which provides all the hydration and care of an expensive moisturiser. Alongside colour-correcting pigments, it’s the perfect solution for dry skin types that hate the heavy feel of traditional foundation, but still want some proper coverage. 

Specifically designed with dry skin in mind, this rich and hydrating foundation manages to pull double-duty and provides an unbelievably glowy finish with impressive longevity. If your skin often feels parched or tight by the end of the day, then this foundation will suit you. It quenches skin and keeps it looking dewy-fresh from morning to night. 

This foundation is unique in that it comes in two formulations—one for oily skin and one for normal to dry. The difference with this one? It’s infused with hyaluronic acid to actually hydrate your skin over the time you have it on. It has a medium but buildable coverage, meaning it’s versatile enough for all occasions, and we really rate the way that it conceals skin while genuinely quenching it’s thirst. 

With healthy and plump skin at the core of its brand, Revolution’s foundation stands up to some of its more expensive counterparts—but costs just under a tenner. There are fifty shades on offer for dry skin in every tone, and the addition of hyaluronic acid means that skin will be left hydrated and radiant all day, with no formula left clinging to dry patches. Both budget-friendly and genuinely worth it in terms of formulation, this foundation smooths and creates a satin veil over skin.

This foundation actually works to retain your skin’s moisture levels throughout the day, while delivering hydrating ingredients that won’t feel cloying on the skin. It’s formulated with alpine rose which brightens the complexion and coconut water which replenishes moisture levels, to leave dry skin looking bright, bouncy and soft.

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