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At the start of any new year or season, it’s hard to feel enthused about the items hanging in your wardrobe. At least, that’s the case for me.By this point, I’ll have fallen into the pattern of wearing the same pieces over and over again. A sort of jeans-and-neutral jumper Groundhog Day-type scenario. I work remotely, too, which doesn’t necessarily encourage being creative with my outfits. However, in 2024, I’ve made a promise to myself to shake things up again in the outfit department. So, I set out to find some chic outfit ideas to kick off the new year with, and what do you know? It didn’t take me long to source some easy solutions to my current style dilemma. 

Below are a selection of elevated-looking outfit ideas for 2024 that will help anyone looking to get the next 366 days (yes, 2024 is a leap year!) off to a stylish start. The best part is, these are pieces you may already have lurking in your wardrobe but haven’t thought about pairing together. At least for a while anyway. Scroll on for 11 chic outfit ideas to try in 2024. 

Style Notes: Okay, so the coat colour isn’t integral to the scenario but can we just have a moment for this cream and gold pairing? My main point being, you might be sick of wearing cumbersome coats already, but a way to make them feel fresh and shiny (literally) is with a metallic bag or, if you’re so inclined, a boot. 

Style Notes: If you haven’t yet heard of the term “latte dressing”, you’re about to start seeing it all over the place. As seen on the spring/summer runways, full-neutral looks took a lighter turn this season, with models wearing shades that resemble that of your latte top-to-toe. Combine cooler greys with warmer biscuit tones to add a high-end but effortless finish. Anyone else suddenly craving a Starbucks?  

Style Notes: It’s one of the oldest and actually relevant fashion rules in the book. Wearing a short dress? Contrast with a long coat for a chic pairing. The same logic applies the other way around. 

Style Notes: Is there anything more classic than a striped jumper? I’ll wait. Indeed, your gut reaction might be to style it with blue jeans. For a simple switch that makes all the difference, follow Lois Sterling’s lead with a pair of wide-leg trousers in cream or white.

Style Notes: One of my favourite things about this time of year is the palette of rich, earthy hues. Take Lydia Tsegay’s olive coat, brown bag and navy trouser look; because they all bear the same sort of tone, these three colours work harmoniously together. So, when you’re next tempted to incorporate some black into your outfit, pause, and think of this gorgeous outfit. 

Style Notes: The blue shirt is another item you may intuitively pair with jeans, and for good reason. The pairing is so chic yet effortless, I’d go as far as to say it’s the unofficial fashion-editor uniform. Now, however, seeing it on Monikh Dale, who has paired hers with a black denim maxi and, I’m sorry, but the coolest belt I’ve ever seen, it’s clear I’ve been overlooking this staple’s potential for far, far too long. 

Style Notes: The waistcoat trend is still going strong in 2024, which is great news for anyone who invested in one last year. Which will be all of you then! All of my waistcoats I’ve also snapped up the matching bottoms for but, instead, wear with jeans and loafers and you’ll change the entire vibe. This is precisely how I’ll be wearing the velvet one I bought for NYE for the rest of the year anyway.

Style Notes: If you live in a dark palette (I know many of us do) but it’s starting to lose its appeal, you don’t need to go on a huge haul to make your wardrobe feel fresh. A bright bag can do great things for your style and, by proxy, your confidence. Let’s not underestimate the power feeling good in your clothes can have on your wellbeing. 

Style Notes: When I want to look and feel cooler in my clothes, I add a leather jacket. I know, so cliché of me but it works and, if I look half as stylish as Abi Marvel does here in the process, I’m a happy, happy lady. I’m also shamelessly stealing her idea of wearing an all-green outfit underneath. See what I mean about earthy hues always looking chic? I rest my case. 

Style Notes: It’s not just colour pairings you ought to consider—switching up fabrics you’d ordinarily wear together will also give you a pep in your step. Me? I’ve not been able to stop thinking about Olivia Faeh’s cashmere-knit-and-silk-trouser pairing since I screenshotted it last week. For lack of a better word: Sublime. 

Style Notes: You’ve got a miniskirt (I assume). You’ve got a knitted vest (I also assume!). But, have you worn them together? Chances are, yes, but maybe not for a while. The pairing hadn’t occurred to me until I saw Anna Newton’s chic look, which she styled with classic black knee boots (and, again I assume, a very classy coat out of shot). 

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