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When it comes to beauty, we’re all about making the most of what we already have—but admittedly, the prospect of changing up your hair colour can be all too tempting. Whether you’ve just gone through a breakup, are starting a new job, or simply want a fresh colour for the new year ahead, if you’re looking for hair colour inspiration for 2024, then you’ve come to the right place.

Hot off the back of the ‘quiet luxury’ trend, one of the biggest beauty trends for 2024 is ‘expensive-looking hair’. Fortunately, achieving expensive-looking hair doesn’t actually come with the price tag that you might expect. In fact, there are countless ways to elevate your hair in order to make it look more polished, sophisticated, and pulled together.

While regular haircuts, shine-enhancing hair products, and learning to master an at-home blowdry will all go a long way to making your hair look more expensive, there are certain colours that will give your hair luxury vibes with very little maintenance required. 

Scroll down the discover the expensive-looking hair colours that experts and trend forecasters believe will be on trend for 2024.

A combination of warm blonde and cool brown tones creates this rich and golden caramel effect, which looks great with every skin tone.

If you’re making a moodboard for your colourist, Rosie Huntington-Whitely’s Instagram page is all you need to take. Her hair features a perfectly-balanced and strategically-layered blend of deeper tones underneath and lighter ones on top.

Bring Pantone’s colour of the year to life at your next hair appointment. Less pink-toned and more orange-toned, it’s all about a playful candy tone which offers a more natural-looking take on pastel. According to trend forecasters WGSN, this shade (and other muted pastels) are seen as ‘gateway shades’ for those looking to explore and get creative with their hair colour in 2024.

Bright colours are always a statement, but this washed-out, faded take on copper looks far more expensive and luxurious than a true orange.

“Expensive-looking brunette is all emphasising the depth and richness of brunette shades,” says Louis Driver, Senior Stylist at Bleach London. “This trend is all about creating a multi-dimensional look that plays with high and low lights, that adds depth and interest. It’s about choosing tones that complement your skin and eye colour.”

The key to achieving an expensive looking brunette? Cool tones and a few lighter shades of brown to lift and create constrast.

“Apricot red is a variation of copper red, offering an orange-toned red that looks vibrant and stunning,” says Driver. “This shade is particularly striking, with a natural element that can become a showstopper for curly hair types.”

This rich, golden-toned red has a luxurious feel that really pops in the sunlight.

In contrast to icy cool platinum tones, Scandi blonde is a more natural take on blonde, with hints of dark and warm undertones delivered via strategically placed highlights and lowlights.

If you’re not naturally blonde then keeping this hue looking fresh will require regular maintenance to hide roots and prevent brassiness.

Ask any hair colourist and they’ll tell you that Olaplex No 3 is the gold standard for hair health. More than just a regular hair mask, this treatment helps to strengthen and repair the bonds in hair that are weakened during the colouring process.

It’s vital to use a shampoo that won’t strip the colour from your hair and speed up the (inevitable) fading process. This one works to maintain colour brightness, soothe the scalp, and smooth frizz.

Anyone who’s had coloured hair before will know that a good mask is an essential. This cult favourite will restore health to even the driest bleached hair.

Available in a wide range of shades, these wash-in tinted hair glosses add shine and boost hair colour. They’re perfect for keeping your colour looking fresh in between salon appointments.

This oil works both to repair broken bonds and to add softness and shine to dry, fluffy ends.

No matter what your hair colour, a blowdry is a failsafe way to turn a bad hair day into a good hair day—and this hot brush makes the entire process effortless.

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