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Often, we find ourselves scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest and noticing the same pieces cropping up in pictures time and again. A certain shoe here, a statement colour there, and before you know it, microtrends begin to spread like wildfire and they’ll be everywhere you look. Take 2023’s slingback for example. The demure, low-heeled shoe had been the reserve of ’50s housewives until a Prada makeover made them internet famous, and suddenly slingbacks were all over the high street too, propelling the style from dated to rated with such speed that they almost instantly reached must-have status. 

So, given the amount of new trends, buzzy aesthetics and talking points we’ve enjoyed over the last few months alone, what can we expect to see in 2024? I’m happy to tell you that I have your answer. Forget the flash-in-the-pan fads (leg warmers and pigeon bags, I’m looking at you), right now we’re discussing the trending pieces causing a stir on socials that will actually go the distance. Some are old favourites, others are wholly unexpected but welcome new additions and all are undeniably good. So, keep scrolling to see seven hot buys about to become cult hits in 2024. It’s time to prepare your wardrobe. 

Style Notes: Finally, a trend as practical as it is chic. Big, fluffy faux-fur coats are back for winter and we couldn’t be happier to bundle up in these cloud-soft blankets. We first noticed the trend cropping up on Instagram before the new-in sections of our favourite stores started to carry them, and now they’re a style staple for celebs too. The trending coats in question? Neutral colours and vintage styles that look like they could have been handed down through generations. 

I can’t believe this is from the high street. 

So silky. 

Chocolate brown is having a moment. 

Cream faux-fur always looks luxe.

There are still a few pieces from H&M’s Rabanne collaboration left!

Style Notes: Who could have predicted that one of the year’s biggest trends would be a pair of statement tights? Well, social media did, of course. Once we fell in love with bold red it was only a matter of time before it would extend to our accessories too, and what started as a head-to-toe-red runway trend evolved into pops of red in street style, which then became red socks, and now red tights, in even more shades than the original hot scarlet. For bonus points, match your tights to your shoes for an even more arresting take on the trend.

A perfect match for Miu Miu’s red kitten heels. 

Velvety and ultra soft. 

A thick, bold red that won’t go too sheer. 

You can rely on Wolford for long-lasting tights.

Looking for something a little brighter? Look no further than Falke. 

Style Notes: After staying true to quiet luxury for well over a year, it would seem that shoppers are heading back to styles that bear the original luxury stamp of approval: the logo. If you’re still traumatised by the logomania of the noughties, I have good news. There’s no need to pile on the prints; this time around there is a pared-back approach to designer dressing that is less of a shout and more of a luxurious whisper. These logos are the simple, clean and fuss-free way to tell everyone exactly what you’re wearing. 

The popular T-shirt is back with long sleeves.

Loewe’s cult-favourite jeans are also back in a darker indigo wash. 

A timeless classic. 

Somehow, these are still in stock. 

Thanks to the Y2K renaissance, Diesel bags are sought-after once again. 

Style Notes: Ballet pumps had a good run, but this trend (likely an off-shoot of the popular slingback) means that we’ll be making a pointed decision to return to dressier shoes in 2024. Whether heels or easy flats, the pointed toe has overtaken round and square as the most double-tapped shoe style of the last few months, gearing us up to wear the ladylike shoe style well into the next year too. 

Understated elegance from Toteme.

These also come in black. 

These look far more expensive than their price.

The cutest heeled mary janes. 

Party flat perfection.

Style Notes: Whether you follow the coquette, academia, regency, balletcore or even plazacore hashtags, a number of TikTok aesthetics have all made a hero of one key detail this year—the bow. This ode to hyper-femininity has been cropping up on shirts, shoes, in hair and on knitwear (particularly this party season) and reflects the surge in searches for softer, prettier pieces and accessories (most notably, ribbons) towards the end of 2023.

I can’t wait to buy this to wear to the office.

Bravo, Mango!

Easy to dress up for evenings and down for summer days.  

The powder blue is such a nice touch. 

One word: wow.

Style Notes: We traded skinnies for mom jeans, mom jeans for straight-leg, straight-leg for wide-leg; and now the wide-leg is making way for what can only be described as one of the most experimental denim cuts we’ve seen for decades. Balloon, barrel and horseshoe jeans are most notable for their supersized shape—nipping in at the waist, widening at the knee and tapering at the ankle—and socials are falling head over heels for this surprisingly flattering silhouette. The curved profile manages to work with every shape and size, and frankly, who can say they’ve felt comfortable in skinnies?

A subtle take on the balloon trend.

Agolde always gets denim trends right.

These also come in a black wash. 

So good for spring/summer. 

A straighter leg with a slight curve.

Style Notes: Keep elbow gloves on your radar, as although this incredibly chic piece has only started resurfacing recently, I have a feeling you’re going to see a lot more of it in 2024. Wear with rolled-up sleeves to make the most of their wow factor and prepare for compliments. As influencers Marilyn Nwawulor-Kazemaks and Anna Vitiello prove, this simple styling tweak can elevate any look from good to great.

Pure perfection.

You can get the look at a high-street price…

… and in the classic Bottega weave.

Not quite elbow-length, for those who need something a little more practical. 

Now these are for a special occasion.

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