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As a beauty editor, I can say with full confidence that the bob haircut has been *the* most popular hairstyle of the past 12 months. Every hairdresser I speak to says that salons have been inundated with requests for just about every type of bob haircut. Having seen celebrities such as Zendaya and Hailey Bieber go for the cut, it’s perhaps no surprise that many of us (including many on the Who What Wear UK team) have also been tempted to go for the chop. And we’ve seen a myriad of bob haircuts surface, from the Italian bob to the box bob, to the stacked bob and butterfly bob—you name it, it’s been a thing.

“The bob has had such a major resurgence this year because of the trends like ’70s curtain fringes along with shaggy layers. I find with my clients, once you have exhausted shaggy layered styles there often seems to be a moment of ‘what shall we do next?’,” says Jonathan Eagland, senior stylist at John Frieda Salons. As a result, he explains, many gravitate towards bob-length styles. “The bob is considered as a haircut throughout the ages that has given massive confidence to women. It is a timeless and chic look that will never die!”

However, just like the nature of any beauty trend, haircuts come and go. And hairdressers are beginning to see the decline of bob requests in favour of other styles in the salon. Ahead, Eagland shares the haircuts trends he think will be big news as we head into 2024.

Eagland predicts we’ll see the return of long hair again.”Coming in to 2024, I can see long, layered hair making a comeback, with it executed in a very chic, minimal way,” he says. “Think classic runway hair; a slinky, barely tonged ripple of polished waves in middle partings.”

Long lengths are ideals for showcasing loose, face-framing curls.

Long hair looks elevated with a soft bend through the lengths.

Growing out your hair? This hair growth serum has incredible reviews.

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To add a soft, chic bend to the hair, make a large curling wand your go-to tool.

“We have noticed an uplift in clients asking to maintain their length.”However, we are still incorporating layers in these looks. Whether they be exposed visually or not,” notes Eagland. “At the salon, we have been working together on various techniques, one of those being ‘floating layers’, a way of layering the hair underneath in small sections to create masses of movement and ultimately volume where necessary,” he says. “It’s slinky, long, tousled, layered looks that quite literally float in the wind when you’re walking down the road—think slow motion hair

Floating layers are a great way to add definition and shape to curly hair textures.

Floating layers give longer lengths so much movement and body.

The key to getting hair that floats effortlessly in the wind is to use a clarifying shampoo. This one leaves roots lifted and lengths shiny. It’s expensive hair in a bottle.

Keep layers looking healthy with a regular glossing treatment. This one from Ouai leaves hair so shiny.

To enhance those layers, a hot brush is a great way to add volume and bounce.

“I believe that we are exposed to so many ideas all of the time now, whether that be via celebrity, film or fashion,” says Eagland. One haircut that we’re seeing everywhere right now? The pixie cut. It’s a timeless haircut that we see resurface time and time again. Eagland notes how these moments come about. “Myself and my colleagues at the salon draw inspiration from a lot of film, whether old or new. Classic images where the hair references immediately take your mind to your own clients at the salon, who are wanting to recreate those characters,” he says. “There are classic looks that will always exist, and every year and season they are adapted for a multitude of different people and personalities to be and to find their look they feel suits them best,” he says.

While it may have been a wig moment, we can’t stop thinking about Charithra Chandran dipping her toe into the pixie haircut trend.

Could there be a more fitting hairstyle for Pixie Lott?

Adds definition and texture to choppy pixie cuts.

Hershesons’ Almost Everything Cream really is a mutli-tasker. Use it to smooth, add texture and define curls.

This is cool-girl hair in a bottle.

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