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Everyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with fragrances. From luxury perfumes to affordable, high street options, I’ve tried my fair share of scents over the years. As a beauty editor, I’m lucky enough to be sent lots of new fragrance launches too, so I’ve built up quite an impressive perfume collection. With so many different choices, I often find it hard to know which fragrances to opt for on different occasions, and which ones I can layer with each other to create my own signature scent. After doing some research, I came across something called a ‘perfume wardrobe’, and it instantly caught my attention. Much like your actual wardrobe, a perfume wardrobe allows you to explore different scents for different occasions, and layer your perfumes to create a fragrance personal to you. To learn a bit more about this clever concept, including how to actually create a perfume wardrobe, I spoke to Michelle Feeney, founder of British fragrance brand, Floral Street, who shared all of her top tips and tricks with me. Keep on scrolling for everything you need to know…

First things first, what actually is a perfume wardrobe? According to Feeney, “a fragrance wardrobe is a collection of various perfumes that cater to different moods, occasions, and personal preferences.

“It’s like having a diverse selection of scents that you can choose from based on how you feel or the atmosphere you want to create,” explains Feeney. “Just like a clothing wardrobe, where you have different outfits for various situations, a fragrance wardrobe allows you to express yourself uniquely through the art of scent. It might include floral scents for daytime, musky or woody fragrances for evenings, and perhaps lighter, fresher options for casual occasions that blend sweet and musky for an all-day fragrance favourite. Floral Street exclaims that you should be able to change your fragrance as often as you change your shoes.”

I couldn’t agree more. I love to express myself through my fragrances, so I will definitely be giving a perfume wardrobe a go.

So, how do you actually go about putting a fragrance wardrobe together? Feeney recommends following the below steps:

1. Identify Your Preferences: “Consider your personal taste in scents. Do you prefer floral, fruitywoody or fresh fragrances? Understanding your preferences will guide your selections.”

2. Day and Night Scents: “Choose lighter, fresher scents for daytime and save stronger, more intense fragrances for evening events.”

3. Seasonal Considerations: “Adjust your fragrance choices based on the seasons. Light and floral scents are often preferred in spring and summer, while warmer and spicier scents may be more suitable for autumn and winter.”

4. Versatility: “Include versatile fragrances that can be worn in various settings. A well-rounded wardrobe should have scents suitable for work, casual outings, and special occasions.”

5. Sampling: “Before committing to a full-sized bottle, sample fragrances. Floral Street’s discovery set is perfect for trying a new scent every day and deciding which works best for you. Having this option saves spending money on something you may not like and allows you to take your time in finding a selection you love.”

This set comes with eight of the brand’s bestselling scents in mini sizes that you can easily throw in your handbag.

The amount of fragrances that you need for your perfume wardrobe is totally up to you. That being said, Feeney recommends having a diverse range of scents to cater to different occasions and moods. The below categories are a great starting point for your own personal collection.

“Floral scents, such as rose, jasmine or lily, can be both feminine and timeless,” says Feeney. “They are suitable for various situations, including daytime and special events.”

With notes of peony, lemon, pink berries and cotton candy, this fruity and floral fragrance is a great everyday option.

Byredo’s Flowerhead combines soft notes of rose petals with warm, wild jasmine sambac for a beautiful finish.

“Woody notes like sandalwood or cedar add warmth and sophistication. These scents are versatile and can be worn both day and night.”

Warming cedarwood, vetiver and musk combine with sexy tobacco and dry hay to make this Le Labo scent smell so expensive.

I love wearing this woody scent for special occasions. Think rich notes of cedarwood, leather, oud and sandalwood balanced by sparkling grapefruit and sweet vanilla.

Fruity notes like apple, peach, or berries add a playful and energetic touch. They can be great for daytime and casual settings.”

& Other Stories do some of the best perfumes on the high street, and this particular one features juicy notes of pomegranate and black current.

Another beautifully fruity option comes in the form of Her by Burberry. Blackcurrant, blueberry and raspberry combine with musk and amber for a delicious scent that lingers on the skin.

Gourmand scents often include sweet notes like vanilla, caramel, or chocolate, providing a comforting and indulgent aroma.”

If you want to smell like a dessert, then this is the perfume for you. Pistachio, cream, hazelnut, rum, marshmallow and cotton candy make this fragrance almost good enough to eat.

Floral Street have created one of the most delicious gourmand fragrances out there, with notes of vanilla, sandalwood, matcha tea and passion fruit. I love wearing this on hot summer days.

“Musk adds a subtle, sensual base to many fragrances. It’s a great addition for evening wear or when you want a hint of warmth.”

This perfume from The Body Shop features sensual notes of musk alongside warming jasmine, and everytime I spray it I feel as if I am being wrapped up in a cosy hug.

Another beautiful option comes from Maison Francis Kurkdjian. Notes of musk, amber and vanilla give this perfume a warm base, while coriander seeds and juniper berries add a unique edge.

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