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Fashionista provided a knitwear shopping guide.

Fast Company looked at why millennial women seem to be embracing angel investing, an area in which women are significantly underrepresented. shared new research that found that women are likelier to speak up at work when they experience what they see as overt discrimination, while with more ambiguous incidents, they “turn inward” and keep quiet.

The Wall Street Journal [gift link] highlighted the biggest winners and losers in the work-from-home revolution.

BuzzFeed shared 33 women’s low-stress, well-paying jobs, and how they got them (including an esthetician, e-commerce manager, and patent translator).

Undark looked into why pain control and sedation aren’t commonly offered for IUD insertion and other painful gynecologic procedures.

The Cut spoke to several couples with large age gaps.

WIRED noted that car design is largely geared toward men, even though women buy more than 60% of new cars sold in the U.S. — but that EVs could bring change.

Your Laugh of the Week comes from The Belladonna, with “Happy Birthday From All The Companies Who Love You.”

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We offered some clothes for working moms, including some maternity basics and washable workwear.

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