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There are hundreds of thousands of influencers in the social ether, but there is only a handful who we religiously follow in order to virtually steal the clothes off their backs. Our primary target is Monikh Dale—the London-based styling and shopping guru who seeks out the coolest buys from every corner of the retail world. From her inspiring tips on rewearing her well-chosen investment items to hunting down the best high-street pieces, her Instagram feed, @monikh, and website are a veritable hotbed of things you’re going to want to purchase immediately (and will never regret). Each month, Monikh will share her new picks exclusively for you.

I wrote recently about how this year I killed that urge to buy that one killer party dress. You know the one, full of bows, sequins and feathers. Yes, it’s a lovely feeling to get all dressed up and wow your friends with a statement look, but are you really going to wear it again? And anyways, I’ve given in to the fact that I love elevated staples. Worn during the day and night, for Christmas I’ll just add a few more accessories or maybe a heavier contour. This way, my new pieces will work for that cosy week between Christmas and New Year–my favourite time of the year full of relaxing days in, afternoon walks and pub lunches. This month’s edit is one that will keep you going long past the Christmas hype.

Killer chic.

Joggers are the new jeans.

I wore one like this non-stop a few seasons ago and still go for it now.

I had my eye on this for so long, and it’s exceeded my expectations.

I keep going back to this one.

A great base.

I love a necklace on a black cord.

My latest brand crush.

The softest fabric.


A classic. But I’ll be going a size bigger. It will be a great option with jeans when spring comes.

The sweatshirts I’ve been wearing recently.

I’m running out of reason why I shouldn’t invest in this.

I never thought I would be ‘that mum’, but this coat is going to firmly be my outerwear piece of choice weather it’s raining or not.

Never underestimate the power of a simple long-sleeved tee in the winter.

A bit of a wild card…

Your new day bag.

A well balanced pair of jeans.

A wow piece.


When I wanna be chic, but warm.

The basic building block of a great winter wardrobe.

I’ve entered my ‘art teacher’ era.

Layered with some beaded necklaces.

A skirt you can wear all week, seven different ways.

A great start for those winter knits.

The perfect autumn going out out bag to style up your jeans and tee.

The scarf shape of AW23.

A great layering tool.

This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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