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We all want to keep the chicness levels of our outfits high, even when the temperatures are low, but the journey to fashion nirvana in the winter months is anything but easy. No one wants to look like the Michelin Man, even if they are in a white puffer coat. This, however, is why we’ve sought a little guidance from some women who know what they’re talking about when it comes to cold-weather styling.

They might reside slightly closer to the equator than we do, but the French also experience severe cold snaps in the winter months. At least, those in the northern regions do. So what do French-girl winter outfits look like?

We’ve scouted 10 stylish looks from nine of our favourite French influencers, each of which we’d happily re-create for ourselves this winter. Scroll on to see a selection of the French girl winter outfits we rate, from the knitted staple no Gallic girl is ever without to the layering techniques that we can’t wait to try.

Style Notes: French women wear cardigans on a daily basis, opting for the thickest they can find in the winter months. We also find they like tucking them into their trousers—a nifty trick for keeping your body heat in. 

An uplifting colour to add to your winter palette.

The gold is a nice touch. 

You’ll find corduroy trousers in almost every French women wardrobe.

Style Notes: Okay, Andi’s knitted dress might not keep her warm in the depths of winter (at least, not without a coat), but the inclusion of a woollen beret and a pair of cosy knee-high boots in her ensembles will serve her well long into the season. 

A small price for a big impact. 

This time of year is also known as knit dress season. 

A great pair that you’ll wear forever. 

Style Notes: Although we talk a lot about French fashion staples, we’ve been remiss in not mentioning the shearling-lined suede jacket (including faux versions), which makes an appearance in more French wardrobes than you might initially think. As it’s chic and practical, we really shouldn’t be surprised. 

A style you’ll turn to year after year. 

These will hug you beautifully.

The pointed boot will be a key trend for 2024. Mark my words!

Style Notes: When it comes to layering, French girls are in the big leagues. Just look at Anne-Victoire; she’s bringing her A game with this double-knitwear look. In fact, her skirt is also knitted. Bravo. 

This year’s knitwear selection is something special.

There are also printed versions of this staple.

Brown and lilac is the colour combo I never knew I needed. 

Style Notes: Like dresses, jumpsuits and boiler suits present a chic all-in-one look that takes next-to-no effort on your part to assemble. Plus, they’re super warm to wear. As for footwear and accessories, Dominique’s got it covered with her chunky combat boots and edgy cat-eye sunnies. What? Winter sun is just as deserving of a pair of designer sunglasses as the summer sun. 

A timeless silhouette. 

This comes in sizes 6-32. 

The chunky cleated sole grounds the whole look. 

Style Notes: French women love oversized, tailored coats, and they wear them over everything for a cosy extra layer. Contrary to what you might think on paper, this checked suit actually looks sleeker with the addition of this camel coat. 

All our editors are impressed by this coat.

This colour combination will go with everything. 

The relaxed fit on these trousers is so good. 

Style Notes: Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean you still can’t have bare legs well into the season. Ensure the rest of your look features classic winter staples, such as a wool coat, a chunky knit, and boots, and you’ll be surprised at how your overall body temperature equals out. 

Eternally chic. 

This piece goes with eveything.

Just add boots.

Style Notes: Continuing on from above, there’s no need to banish your minidresses, either, particularly if they’re knitted like Sabina’s. Just add a pair of tights. FYI, patterned hosiery is trending this season, so have fun with this look. 

Pair with knee-high boots. 

A great quality belt will last a lifetime. 

There are so many fun patterned tights options out there. 

Style Notes: It’s an age-old dressing dilemma: choosing between wearing a coat with a thin knit or a jacket with a thicker knit. Right now, Léna is tempting us with the latter. A weighty checked blazer with a Breton-stripe sweater underneath? J’adore! 

This is high up on my wish list. 

Cosy and classic. 

French girls love a flare silhouette. 

Style Notes: The eagle-eyed readers amongst you will have noticed we’ve already featured an Amy look in our edit, but this one is too good not to share. A rainbow knit mightn’t be the first thing that crops into your mind at the mention of French fashion, but that’s why it’s important not to subscribe to stereotypes. With flares and tan boots, this ensemble is up there with the best of the French-girl winter outfits. 

This colourful wonder is now on sale.

Mother denim is so soft. 

These caramel boots pull the whole look together.

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